Watch this YouTuber bust bad customer service

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Calls to customer service to ask whether an item is in stock may be futile.

YouTube comedian Jack Vale, who makes hidden camera prank videos, published an experiment he performed in which he called stores asking about products he knew were in stock. A hidden camera in the store showed the employees not checking for the item, but nonetheless telling him they did not carry it.


  • Carrie

    Do you know why they didn’t really check to see if the items were in stock? They aren’t making the $15/hour that they think they are worth.

  • Barbara

    I called Comcast Cable they first associate laid and passed me off two another person. The second associate gave me a phony number to call and complain to. Switch turned out to be a FREE WALMART 100 DOLLAR GIFT CARD… then after I contact Comcast Cable and told them they took 6 dollars off my bill wtf… consultant

  • Tom Gallagher

    Wonder why these guys get paid minimum wage? I’m 101% sure he called out that guy who said he was sure there was yoga mats. I’ve called numerous places who said they had something online, then head to the store and they said they didn’t have it. I kinda knew they weren’t checking but I see most of them are bullshitters. All this push for $15/hr minimun wage, they don’t derserve no more than $8.75/hr. Why reward lazy idiots like this?

    • Mike

      “, they don’t derserve no more than $8.75/hr. Why reward lazy idiots like this?”


      You’re calling them idiots… while misspelling ‘deserve’ and using a double-negative. It’s ‘ANY more than $8.75/hr’

    • Marshall

      It’s also “were” not “was” yoga mats. You also have a verb tense agreement error in your next sentence. I certainly hope your job doesn’t involve speaking with customers.

  • Service Squirrel

    To be fair, the Target gal at least looked. She may not have given 100%, but you can’t say she didn’t try. Heck of a lot more than the Wal-Mart employees who never even left the counter.

  • Overworked

    I don’t think people quite understand how many calls stores get in a day. That is not an excuse for why they didn’t do their job, however, when you spend your whole day fielding calls from people looking for random specific things, it gets frustrating. The best is when customers tell you they bought something at your specific location when you know they didn’t because you haven’t ever sold that item, and you inform them of that fact but then they show up at your store screaming because you don’t have the thing they’re looking for. I could go on with many more examples but it would take all day. My point is, maybe they shouldn’t have lied but how many did he cut out from this video because they went and actually looked for the items he was looking for and gave him the right answer? What a monumental waste of those workers time.

  • Mike S.

    If they are already making $15 an hour already and were giving minimal effort at their jobs, then yeah criticize all you want. But are any of these people making that much right now? Nope. And if they did go check to see if something is in stock, would you go to their supervisor and recommend a raise of some kind? Nope. Minimum wage retail is a repetitive, thankless, and demoralizing job most of the time. Not saying that they are right to lie about checking stock for customers, but come on. If you had to do what they do every single day, without the possibility of making a living wage in the future, you may take some shortcuts as well.

    And if you are saying that people aren’t worth $15/hour, does that mean you think they are worth $8.75/hour or less? I believe that if you relied on minimum wage for a living, you would think differently about how much your work is worth.

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