Long lost love letters from WWII still in limbo

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Love letters written nearly 70 years ago finally arrive at a home in Chicago but there’s a problem.

The woman they’re addressed to doesn’t live at the home in the Little Village Neighborhood anymore.

Martha Rodriguez now lives at 2713 S. Kolin Avenue and she’s trying to get the letters to the rightful owner, Dorothy Bartos.

They were sent in the summer of 1945 by a sailor at the Navy base in San Diego, near the end of World War II.

Rodriguez hopes getting the letters in the news will help her find the rightful owners.

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  • Anne in Aurora

    According to Ancestry[dot]com, there are a LOT of military records for

    Albert Lambrose Fragakis, Service # 728-27-29,
    Served on board the U.S.S. Lexington, CV-16
    Muster Date 01 July 1946 (Rank “S1-C” in April 1, 1946)

    On… 01 Aug. 1946, Albert Fragakis (Rank: “PRTRM3”) is ordered transferred to
    Base PSC, Great Lakes Naval Air Station
    One column also reads “7-22”, which is possibly the date his transfer became effective.
    (Seems he survived the War)

    POSSIBLE RELATIVE – From WW-II Enlistment Document
    Spiros Th Fragakis
    Born 25 Dec 1888, Philiatra, Greece;
    Resided 3315 Lakewood Avenue, Chicago (in 1944);
    Worked Purity Restaurant, 5946 Roosevelt Road, Chicago

    I’ll post more if I find anything. Unfortunately, Miss Rodriguez’ contact info is harder to find, so I’m not sure how to let her know this information.

    • Anne in Aurora

      Through Ancestry[dot]com and Public Records, I tracked down the gentleman listed in my previous post. He is now living in the suburbs and I spoke with him. While he IS the person with the above-listed military records, he is NOT the one who sent the letter, and does not know anyone named Dorothy Bartos. He also does not have any relatives who might fit this information. (He was very kind and tried to be very helpful.) He knows of the letter, and says the return address this letter was sent from was indeed his contact information at the time, but that he is certain that someone else typed the envelope, so that the two addresses might have been put together when they should not have been (i.e., it should have been addressed from another sender but was not).

      • Anne in Aurora

        The 1940 and 1930 Censuses shows a Dorothy Bartos living at this exact address; however, in 1930, the family name is listed as “Bartosi”, and is “Bartos” in 1940. Her parents were EDWARD and ROSE, and Dorothy was born around 1928 in Illinois (her father was listed in one census as “Born at Sea” and the other as born in Illinois; her mother was born in Wisconsin). In 1940, Edward’s employment is listed as a “Crossbar Instructor”.

        There is also a yearbook mention for a Dorothy Bartos, which matches the likely birth year exactly, at DePaul Univeristy. The 1948 DePaul Univ “DePaulian” Yearbook (Ancestry[dot]com image 150 of 248, page headline “Red Cross”) mentions a Dorothy Bartos:
        “The camp and hospital committee, headed by Dorothy Bartos, sponsored several trips to Great Lakes [Naval Station] on the third Wednesday of each month. Featured in the variety shows presented by the unit were talented male and female members of the University.”

        I have located other ladies named Dorothy Bartos who are NOT matches. Watch for these if you are doing research, so as not to mix things up…

        One Dorothy Bartos was born abt. 1918 and married a man named Charles Slifka, BUT all her relative names in her obituary match those of another Dorothy Bartos living at a different address in the 1940 Census. She passed on around Jan.10, 2014 and her obituary is online in the Sun-Times website.

        Another Dorothy Bartos was a registered nurse who married a Robert Reiland in 1953. She was born in 1923, lived in suburban Sugar Grove & Aurora, and passed on Aug.11, 2005. Her obituary is with her gravesite listing on Find-A-Grave[dot]com. Her parents’ names do not match the ones in the 1930 & 1940 Censuses.

        I think I have exhausted both my basic leads & my curiosity. Good luck to any other investigators.

  • Patti Confer

    Rose Bartos was my godmother and sister to my grandmother Ann Hansen. Rose and Eddie Bartos have long since passed away. Their daughter, Dorothy lives with one of her sons and has dementia. If anyone reads this, write me back and I can give you further information on locating Dorothy. Thanks, Patti Confer

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