Gruesome details revealed in day 1 of Joliet double murder trial

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The first of three trials in the gruesome murders of two young men last year began today in Joliet.

Eric Glover and his friend, Terrance Rankins, both 22, were strangled to death in January of 2013 inside a Joliet home on Hickory St. The motive? Robbery. $120 dollars was taken after the killings.

Four people allegedly were inside the home at the time, accused of luring the victims there with the intent to rob and kill.

20-year-old Bethany McKee, who allegedly left shortly after the killings, is the first defendant to go to trial. She sat quietly today as a friend took the stand, recalling the Facebook posts from McKee after the killings.

Then, Joliet officers, the first on the scene, told the judge of going into the home and finding the two bodies, face down on the floor upstairs in separate rooms. Both men had bags over their heads and were lying on plastic garbage bags. One officer saying it looked as though they had their hands tied behind their backs at one point, rigor mortis had set in.

On the first floor, police found Alissa Massaro, who told them two others were inside the home.

Adam Landerman, the son of a Joliet police officer, was found hiding behind paneling in the basement, an officer testified. "He had a grin on his face" said the officer.

Upstairs, near the bodies, police say they found Joshua Miner on a couch, smoking a cigarette.

The officer recalled Miner telling him he killed the one in the dreadlocks. "Adam did the other guy," he said.

Both men face separate trials later.

Massaro pleaded guilty in May to a lesser charge, in exchange for testifying against the other three.

In opening statements, McKee's attorney said his client didn't physically do anything in the crime.

They've opted for a bench trial. There's no jury. Only the judge will decide the case.

Testimony begins again tomorrow at 10am.

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