Caught on camera: Boy mauled by dog on South Side

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A 6-year-old boy is being treated for serious injuries on his face and leg after a dog attack at a birthday party Monday night.

Armani McKinnis was a guest at the birthday party for a friend when two unknown dogs came down the street.

One of them, a light-colored pitbull, attacked the boy.

The frightening scene played out like a horror movie, caught on camera phone from across the street at 74th and Champlain.  Kendall Moore hit record when the two dogs ran down the street.

One of the dogs, the pitbull, the other, a Rottweiler came onto his porch, first, then ran across the street, where dozens of children played at a 7-year-old’s birthday party.

Lenard "Armani" McKinnis

Lenard "Armani" McKinnis

The bounce house in the backyard served as refuge for the other children as adults tried to free 6 Armani from the jaws of the dog.

Both dogs eventually ran off.

Neighbors tell WGN they didn't recognize the dogs and they didn't have collars but they possibly came from a home a few streets away.

If you have any information you can contact Chicago police.




    • Gettofab

      The area where this occurred I’m sure plenty of people had guns, not legally but I’m sure someone there had a pistol.

  • Susan DeVilder

    This attack is just one of many attacks by pit bulls that occurred over the weekend. In Ohio, a 59 year old woman was killed by a pit bull. Elsewhere a man and his 8 year old daughter were attacked by a pit bull: the man had his testicles partially torn off. Enough is enough. The Ohio woman makes 25 dead by pit bulls so far this year, with 15 of those victims being children. Every single day, someone is mauled by a pit bull in this country. It’s time for pit bulls to become obsolete.

    • Pam

      Where did you get this information? I am always looking to help prevent dogs bite and so far I haven’t been able to find a legitimate source for breed information. I am looking to expand my research.

    • Brian

      I would LOVE to hear where you found this information?! There has not been ANY breed specific reporting done in over 15 years. Keep believing everything you see online dumbass

    • Brian

      Susan, it has nothing to do with the pitbull breed the fact is his most people buy dogs like pit bulls Rottweilers German shepherds as protection dogs. Any dog that is raised to be a guard -protection dog could be dangerous especially if not trained properly. As is the case with most pitbulls because people can get them free or cheap at shelters because it is one of the most popular dogs in America. It’s really more of a numbers game if you have 10,000 pit bulls and 2000 labradors what dog breed do think will have the most amount of dog bites. Pit bulls themselves are not inherently mean . I’ve seen all breeds of dog be very aggressive is just a matter of accountability if you own a dog you need to make sure you train your dog. Hold the owners responsible for being crapy dog owners.

      • Janie

        I tend to agree with you. If a dog injures or kills, its owner should be shot…. right after the dog. If someone ‘rescues’ a pit bull, how do you know how it was previously treated?

      • Jim Plath

        Then why is it that every time we read of a dog mauling, it’s almost ALWAYS a pit bull? Why no other breeds? I didn’t even have to read this story, that’s how sure I was that it would be a pit bull.

      • Pam

        Jim, for the simple face that they are the most mis-identified dog. A cop just killed a Labrador because he mistook it for a “pit bull.” There is the Pit Bull breed (upper case, short for pAmerican Pit Bull Terrier) and then there is the “pit bull” (a bulldog-terrier mix, such as Staffie, American Bully, Bull Terrier, etc.) Any dog with a short coat, tail, and looks muscular is labeled a “pit bull” according to the media. Also, “pit bull” attacks get more views, unfortunately. Below are the results of a 2007 National Canine Research Council Study:
        On day one, a Labrador mix attacked an elderly man, sending him to the hospital. News stories of his attack appeared in one article in the local paper.
        On day two, a mixed–breed dog fatally injured a child. The local paper ran two stories.
        On day three, a mixed–breed dog attacked a child, sending him to the hospital. One article ran in the local paper.
        On day four, two pit bulls that broke off their chains attacked a woman trying to protect her small dog. She was hospitalized. Her dog was uninjured. This attack was reported in more than 230 articles in national and international newspapers and on the major cable news networks.

    • Bri

      I would have to disagree with you. The media only portrays pitbulls. There are many other dogs that maul people. There are so many pitbulls that maul people, because there are SO many bad people in this country that use and abuse them.

  • Pam

    This is why dumb people shouldn’t own dogs. Probably not spayed/neutered. “Sex differences do emerge from data on various types of aggression. Intact (unneutered) male dogs represented 90% of dogs presented to veterinary behaviorists for dominance aggression, the most commonly diagnosed type of aggression.2 Intact males are also involved in 70 to 76% of reported dog bite incidents.7,15 The sex distribution of dogs inflicting unreported bites is not known. Unspayed females that are not part of a carefully planned breeding program may attract free-roaming males, which increases bite risk to people through increased exposure to unfamiliar dogs.” The American Vetrinary Association has great information on dog bites and how to prevent them.

  • Debra

    People “pit bulls” are not a breed!!! every day people are shot murdered people who commit these crimes should be,like a previous stated “obsolete”. Maybe the people who train these dogs to be aggressive should take the blame!

  • Sam

    It’s so sad to see the ignorance of people who ignore the reality of these dogs. It indeed is a fact that pit bulls where bred to kill. It is in their genes. And they can snap at anytime for any reason or no reason at all. It is only too late for some to take heed. Take up for the dog. Better yet, go buy you one. Let your guard down, believe it will never turn on you or anyone else. Before you know it, it will be too late and you will have only prayed and wished you had listened.

    • Bri

      You are ridiculous. I worked at animal control and I met a handful of great Pitbulls. I also met mean ass English Bull dogs, Chi’s, oh, and especially hounds. All not fixed of course. Dogo Argentino’s were bred to kill, not pitbulls. ORIGINALLY, they were bred to serve as nanny dogs. NOW they are bred to SERVE as fighting dogs, bait dogs, and guard dogs. Just because they are bred for the PURPOSE of fighting, doesn’t mean they will. you have to train to them fight by kicking them, hanging them by their necks and using them as bait dogs, making t hem exercise constantly. THAT is what makes them horrible dogs. Unless you have experience with dogs, shut you mouth.

      • Kris King

        Bri, Pits were NEVER nanny dogs. Please stop spreading that myth. And your nasty, aggressive responses are not helping your cause. Yes, other breeds can be mean, but pits maul, dismember, scalp and kill more people than all other breeds COMBINED. Pits also maul and kill more animals than all other breeds COMBINED. Pits are often wonderful for years, until they aren’t. The pit who killed the poor woman in Ohio yesterday is yet another example. Doesn’t matter how loving pits are. Thirty pit owners have been killed, and many more mauled by their own beloved pits. I have a lot of experience with dogs, and after rescuing pits, I refused to adopt to homes with any bully breed. Many former pit rescuers have told me of horrible experiences as well. All were sweet until they did what they were bred to do. You have no business calling someone else “ridiculous”.

      • pizzasandwiches

        ” I also met mean ass English Bull dogs, Chi’s, oh, and especially hounds”

        According to pibble advocates, dogs are only mean if they’re abused or used for dog fighting. Did you report their owners for animal abuse/dog fighting? Since they must have abused or fought them, after all.

        And, yes, pit bulls were never nanny dogs. Dogos were bred for the same purpose as pit bulls – to grip onto things. A great trait if you’re out hunting boars or lions or what not, not so great if you want a cuddly pet around children.

        However, one thing I have a hard time believing is that pit bulls kill more non-dog animals than other dogs. I haven’t met a dog that wouldn’t happily tear a squirrel apart for the fun of it.

      • Pam

        Ok, here are the facts: 1. no pit bulls were not known in the US as “nanny dogs” – Staffies in the UK were. They were used during the great depression as protectors of children because of all the kidnappings that were happening in those times (people would kidnap children of wealthy families for ransom). People in the US saw all the pics of these children and their pitties and made a connection. 2. US “pit bulls” are descendants of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier in the UK who were originally farm dogs and yes, bull baiting, mixed from the extinct White English Terrier and the Olde English Bulldog. 3. These dogs, throughout history have been bred to not attack humans, so that when used in fighting (or originally bull baiting) the handler and reach in and take the dog out of a fight without getting bit. Any dog that displayed any aggression towards humans, the dogs would be killed. 4. “Pit Bull” type dogs can and do make wonderful pets. With over 4 million in this country, and being among the most popular with misguided dog owners, this dog can end up on the news for negative incidents BUT with smart dog owners these dogs can be fantastic members of society. 5. They are so willing to please so much, it is almost to a fault; they will literally die and kill for their owner’s satisfaction. They will also love and care any and all creatures to please their owners. They used to be our military dogs (they have a short stamina, that is why Belgian Malinios are used now). Also, many now make great service dogs! 6. Don’t judge a whole by the actions of a few. Honestly, I’ve never seen a body of a dog wiggle so much as a pit bull’s :)

      • pizzasandwiches

        They were never known as nanny dogs in the UK either. Also, “manbiters” were bred and sold if they were good enough fighters. There is documented proof of this in literature written by dogmen and ads from old newspaper. Jack Colby’s own nephew was killed by one of his pit bulls. Nothing was done about the dog and he was allowed to keep it.

  • Jane Brown

    Let’s just refer to them as Molosser breeds; that way, these fools can’t derail the conversation by arguing that ‘pit bull’ is not a breed (unless they dress them up in tutus and post on HuffPo). These beasts need to be eradicated.

    • Pam

      Here is the thing; there is not 1 piece of legitimate evidence which concludes a specific breed or mix has more propensity to bite than any other. However it is basic logic and science that dogs with bigger mouth CAN do more damage IF they do happen to bite (obviously a Lab bite will be more dangerous than a Pomeranian). With those 2 pieces of facts we can at least come to the conclusion that every dog owner has the responsibility to their dogs and others in the world to keep their dogs under control at all times. It is also the responsibility of everyone else to respect all dogs’ (both big and little) personal space.

  • P.Hess

    I’m sure that dog was annoyed and harrassed by that and many other kids at the party. I am a dog owner and I know for a fact that most children of that age are stupid idiots who harrass animals and expect them to think that all is a joke! I would have spanked the shit out of that kid instead! Dog and most animals are better beings than humans, if you leave them alone!

    • pizzasandwiches

      The dog was caught on camera willingly coming into contact with the children who minding their own business to purposefully harm them. I cannot believe you would blame the child for an attack by a vicious dog. Dogs of all breeds regularly attack, maim and kill animals smaller than them for the fun of it. Why is it so hard to imagine they could do the same to a child?

      There needs to be more severe penalties for loose large dogs. Perhaps it would dissuade people who are unable to control a dog from owning one. It’s quite easy to build a dog-proof fence. If someone cannot afford one/isn’t willing to build one, then perhaps they shouldn’t own a dog. You wouldn’t let someone own a horse behind a short picket fence, so why is that people can own dangerous dogs that aren’t properly secured?

      Only the most severe attacks usually make the news. Everyday people are bitten and scarred by loose dogs of all types of breeds. Two of my own relatives have been bitten so severely by loose german shepherds that they required stitches. It shouldn’t be acceptable for any breed of dog to run loose that can harm someone (especially gripping dogs like pit bulls, who are more likely to cause more severe damage).

      • Pam

        I completely agree. More harsh punishments should be given to irresponsible dog owners, they put in danger the dogs and everyone around them.

  • PullYourHeadOut

    Oh please, it’s obvious to most people that these types of dogs are dangerous. Let’s stop pretending…and spare me the stories of your precious pet that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    • Pam

      If by “these types of dogs” you mean dogs on the loose with no training and socialization that are not fixed or spayed. Then yes, those dogs can be dangerous. You don’t need stories to show that breed has nothing to do with attacks, you need hard facts. LEGITIMATE facts.

  • pizzasandwiches

    I’m curious to how much the ownership of dogs like German shepherds, pit bulls, huskies, rottweilers, etc. would drop if there was a law that if it was proven your dog killed someone (that wasn’t physically harming you), you would be killed as well.

    Not that I’d be a fan of such a law, but I have to wonder how many people who state, “my dog would never harm anyone” would change their tune.

  • Pam

    Interesting, there were 2 dogs in this attack – only 1 of which was identified as a “pit bull” and everyone is commenting on the “pit bull”. This is a small glimpse into the discrimination of 1 breed. No on is talking about any other factors that could have been presented as the reason these 2 dogs attacked this poor child. If people start talking about these factors instead of breed, then this could be prevented. If people who keep talking about breed got their way and there were no pits, this child would have still been attacked, just not by the pit. So really, let us all rally together to find a comprehensive solution to this problem. The state of Nevada reduced dog bites by 15% when they worked with the American Veterinary Association on dog bite prevention. Can people please stop focusing on breed and focus on the real factors so no more children have to go through this?

    • Pam

      I would also like to state that people who are in support of reducing breed discrimination should also get behind a comprehensive, all encompassing prevention strategy. This will not only keep the public safe, but it will keep your dog safe as well.

    • pizzasandwiches

      They’re talking about the pit bull because the other dog was a rottweiler and didn’t attack.

      A big problem is that many dog owners kick and scream when high fines for roaming dogs are introduced. They feel their right to own a dog for amusement trumps other people’s safety.

      Imposing a $300 fine on dogs at large that are large enough to pose a significant threat to human health and taking the dog if the owner is unable to pay would probably stop a lot of people who are unable to control dogs from owning one. However, it would be deemed unfair.

      • pizzasandwiches

        Mandatory muzzle laws in public, which would pretty much prevent all attacks, are also things many dog owners fight, even though they make muzzles that are comfortable for dogs to wear.

  • pizzasandwiches

    Myth: Dogs only fight each other or attack humans if they’ve been abused/trained to fight.

    Does anyone honestly believe that woman trained her two small terriers to want to fight to the death?

    Also, later in that episode, Cesar takes the two small dogs to his pack, including one he knows has a tendency to want to kill small dogs. Because Cesar is a moron, he lets them be off leash around each other and a fight breaks out and both dogs try to kill each other. His own dogs try to join in on the attack, and the other people present have to kick them away and body block them.

    Did Cesar “train” his dogs to fight? The pit bull and labrador-looking dogs are actually lunging for those two small ones. And judging by the fact that he had to kick them away, it seems likely they were looking to cause some bloodshed.

    Dogs are amoral animals. Sometimes they do things we don’t like, no matter how much you love them or think they aren’t capable of violence. And if a dog was bred for centuries to grip, shake and not let go even when it’s life is in danger, that makes an attack by one even more dangerous when it happens.

    • Pam

      You are right, it is a myth that ALL dogs who act aggressively are trained to act that way. Also, to pick out Cesar Milan as an example is not using data fact, it is using one trainer’s methods. I would like to address the statement “And if a dog was bred for centuries to grip, shake and not let go even when it’s life is in danger, that makes an attack by one even more dangerous when it happens.” All terriers were originally used for biting and holding, this include the Jack Russel Terriers in the video above, this also includes the Cairn Terrier aka Toto. Retrievers were bred to bite and let go, (bite to retrieve and drop retrieved object). If we want to ban dogs based on what they were originally bred to do, then why are Great Danes still around? Those were originally bred for war and killing humans. We need to work on prevention and not a broad group.

      • pizzasandwiches

        Prevention is easy. Require all dogs over 30 or so pounds to wear a muzzle when in public. They make muzzles that allow dogs to open their mouths to eat, drink, etc. comfortably. Dogs who are caught being walked in public without a muzzle could be taken from their owner and impounded unless they paid a fee. Also impose tougher penalties on people who cannot contain their dog.

        This wouldn’t prevent all bites and deaths, of course, but it would help prevent those who happen to innocent people who do not willingly choose to come into contact with dogs. It would also prevent dog-aggressive dogs from overpowering their owners and attacking other dogs.

        The problem is that many dog owners don’t really care about other people’s safety. Their dog hasn’t harmed anyone, so they believe it never will or has the propensity to, so they fight any laws that will keep people safe if those laws inconvenience them in any way.

      • Pam

        Those aren’t muzzles, those are called “halties” and if a dog can open it’s mouth, it can bite. Halties do not prevent bites, they are a tool used by some dog owners as a way to walk their dogs without pulling. Muzzles for all dogs over 30lbs is not a solution, it is just not practical and can create aggression in some dogs. I do believe there should be harsher punishments for dogs not contained. Walking my dog on a leash has been tough since for some reason people in our suburban neighborhood feel that leash laws don’t apply to them. I have had to pick up my 55lb dog as a 20lb dog rushed to bite her. She has been bitten by a shih tzu on a retractable leash, and don’t get me started on the handful of labs that come running. I have a shelter dog whose first 3 years were not the greatest. She was not socialized and she is picky on the dogs she likes and I don’t mind, because I keep her contained and under control at all times. Unfortunately, people feel there little dogs or their labs, don’t need to be contained. This isn’t fair since the little dogs in the neighborhood tend to start dogs fights.
        I believe there is a responsibility on both sides the dog owner and general public. The dog owners needs to be in control at all times, and the general public needs to respect the dog’s space. My dog was most likely abused by a man, so she isn’t the biggest fan of some men, and people want to just come up and pet her like she is one of those wiggle pit bulls that love people, little do they realize she is a typical shar pei who is suspicious of everyone. So that is when I put myself between her and the person, not because I know she will bite (because she hasn’t bitten before), but because I know she has teeth (like all dogs) and is she feels she needs to protect herself or me she will.

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