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Interactive map: See the wealthiest person in each state

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They may have earned it, inherited it or married it, but these 51 people have at least one thing in common: They have the most money out of anyone else in their state.

The list of names shot into public view when real estate blog Movoto created an interactive map of the wealthiest person in each state, including Washington, D.C.

Bill Gates is still the wealthiest person in the country, with $80 billion, but the map highlights some lesser-known names. Hedge fund manager Ken Griffin is the wealthiest person in Illinois, with $5.5 billion. The man with the least money out of these 51 names is Robert Gillam of Alaska, with just $700 million.

Wealth can also be spread within a family. Brothers Charles and David Koch are both the wealthiest people in their state of residence, Kansas and New York, respectively. Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton’s family members take Arkansas, Texas and Wyoming. The New Mexico and Michigan titles are shared between two family member partners.

The map allows the viewer to learn more about each person and how they became so rich. Another visual attempts to juxtapose the map with the realities of everyday Americans, whose average net worth is $67,007, far below the numbers above.

Read more about Movoto’s project and see the wealthiest person in each state.

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1 Comment

  • Good

    Good to have such people in society, the more they are the better for the Nation. The only negative thing is “social” media and publicity. I bet with you if all of those who are working for social media would get rich one day is that they will hate “social” media and publicity until puking. In developed and cultivated european countries would nobody talk about his wage, his property or in general about money not that they have something to fear living in developed and cultivated european countries, but it is a matter of *respect. So it has nothing to do with psychology which is talking about fear or social fear, aso. I thing that they need a therapy not rich people, but how would it be if people will stop visit psychologists, and stop taking the suggested medication at the same time this fake industry. Therefore should the position be changed and the patient should get payed $ 1.000.000 a second during the visit. This would be the best lesson until they would understand that nobody can work for others money. Closing my comment and making it shorter with other words, to the point: Psychologists can work for your money and in other hand all psychologists are cheaters who are just sitting on a chair, getting payed for nothing and are committing modern slavery.

    *Respect in general, and specific respect of the privacy other peoples, aka social layers and distances.

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