McDonald’s employees, activists rally for ‘Fight for 15’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

McDonald’s employees and activists are rallying Thursday morning outside the landmark restaurant at Clark and Ontario in their fight for higher wages and the right to unionize.

Their so-called “Fight for 15” dollars an hour got a boost from a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

The NLRB ruled that McDonald’s corporation acts as the co-employer of workers at its thousands of franchises.

As such, it can dictate wage levels paid by the franchisees.

McDonald’s argues that the ruling is wrong, violates the franchise laws in the U-S, and would change employment rules for all kinds of small businesses. The company’s statement says it only helps protect and promote the brand name and ensures food quality and availability for its restaurant owners.

The workers have support in city hall, where a move in on to raise Chicago’s minimum wage to at least 13 dollars an hour.

But the employees say that doesn’t represent a living wage in a city with a cost of living like Chicago.

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  • Carrie

    I sit back and laugh at this. Do these McPeople realize that if (by some miracle) that the minimum wage goes to $15/hr., that a lot of them will lose their McJobs? And then, those left behind (making the whooping $15/hr.) will be doing $16.50/hr. worth of work (or more)? I guess some people don’t understand economics or how the business world operates. But, then again, McWorkers are doing those jobs because they have limited McOptions.

    • Ismael

      Carrie I posted this opinion the other day. You took my comment, changed a few words and posted it. In any case it is the truth. Higher wages will mean higher prices and less workers. The only winners in this fight will be the crooked unions. I would like one these workers when they get laid off to ask the union what it is going to do for him or her? Absolutely nothing. I was in a union as a member and union steward.

  • Carrie

    Oh, any yeah, when the wages go up, that will give McDonald’s an excuse to raise their prices. That, of course, means fewer customers. Few customers means fewer workers. It’s a spiral, people. Enjoy that wage increase while you can.

  • Min

    This just angers me everytime I read about them wanting a raise. I am not against raises FOR HARD WORKING PEOPLE, but let’s all be realistic a McDonald’s job is NOT a job that people should raise a family on. It is a small step that gets your foot in the door. Here I am in college working to better my life and these people want a raise for heating up my damn meal in the microwave no, no, no! This is setting up a beyond low bar, the youngsters might think “why go to college and stress myself when flipping burgers would pay be 15?” This is just ridiculous, not to mention that the price of these already high priced meals would go up. How dare they, go to college first! Nobody give me the ohh college is so expensive crap, yes I am well aware of that, but there are various ways to pay for it there are scholarships, grants, loans, Financial Aid, joining Air Force, Navy, Army etc that can help u pay for your classes, jobs like UPS i believe that also give u $ for classes. My point is, everyone can succeed in life if they wanted to. It’s all about hard work, ambition and positivity. In short, to those working at a fast food you do not deserve a raise of that caliber, I understand some of you may be students and paying off school perhaps even have children who are dependent on you, but I suggest you reconsider your current job and find one that helps pay for College. To whom are struggling, those are just small bumps in the road that make your success story even better.

  • How about 10$

    McCrazy 15$ an hour.
    There is nothing wrong for asking for more money.
    With the exception of corporate mid and upper level managent as well as skilled tradesmen you just wont find 15$ an hour or more.
    Go look at the hiring adds and you will see. 15$ an hour is taking a guess probably 30k a year and some change. For fast food workers, while I really do know their jobs suck and the work hard. They have to have lost their minds to think they will win a contract for $15 an hour.
    I wish them the best but at the end of the day I really don’t think any and I mean any fast food companies are just going to roll over and give them that amount of money unless the city, state or feds bump up the minimum wage.
    How am I going to shop at Wally Mart when all their employees migrate to fast food jobs (LOL)

  • MZ

    This is bullsht, I have no other words for this really, other than the fact that as a business student at Miami University I would feel like I was getting kicked in the teeth for trying to get a business degree if those flipping burgers at mcDonalds make 15$ or whatever an hour…