The Blues Highway Gun Run: Tracing guns from Mississippi to Chicago

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

One of Chicago’s toughest problems is, in part, imported from a place that also brought us our city's most cherished music. Over the past four years, more than a thousand firearms seized in Chicago came from Mississippi.  So our WGN investigation took us South to trace the flow of guns.

We started on a sweltering summer night down in Holly Springs, Mississippi. The residents had gathered around the courthouse square not minding the heat. The streets were blocked off leaving the kids free to run around. It looked like a Norman Rockwell picture with the flags waving, the hot dogs grilling, kids and adults sipping on cherry flavored shaved ice, while mom and dad sit back in their lawn chairs and enjoy the blues. A summertime Thursday night ritual in the town square.

We’d headed to this small southern town in search of Michael Elliot.

Time and again, reporter Mark Suppelsa would ask the folks milling around the music if they’d seen Elliot. Some seemed to have heard of him. Others were sure they had. Still many more had not. So far, there was no sign of Michael Elliot.

You see, Elliot had made a deal with the devil. For a lousy 100 bucks Elliot agreed to buy a gun in his hometown in Mississippi for another guy in Chicago – eventually it ended up in the hands of a robber who shot and killed a Chicago cop.

Tom and Carolyn Wortham, of Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood, saw Tom Jr. get gunned down right in front of their home. Four guys wanted his sharp looking, black motorcycle. This two-time Iraq war veteran wouldn’t survive his own neighborhood.

The gun that killed Thomas Wortham Jr in 2010, didn’t come from Chicago’s mean streets. Instead it was bought 600 miles away at a country corner store in the middle of nowhere, Mississippi.

It may be hard to believe, but these sleepy little southern towns made famous in the Blues Highway are now a pathway for guns to the North.

So, WGN made the trip all the way down to Watson, Mississippi and Ed’s Pawn Shop.

We wanted to ask Eddie – the owner of the shop – what he thought about a gun from his place being involved in the killing of a Chicago cop.

You see; the Worthams sued the shop to force it to make changes. It now videotapes gun sales, but not much else has changed. All you need in Mississippi is a clean record and a driver’s license to buy a gun – or as many as you want. By the way, Eddie, the owner, was not there.

Alas, we continued our search for Michael Elliot, the guy who bought the gun that was eventually used to kill Thomas Wortham.   His sister told us he always hangs in a well-known Blues strip nearby called “The Alley.”

In a town that prides itself on knowing everybody’s business, no one seemed to know where he was. Finally, a girl in the pink shirt knew. She led us to the mother of his children. Turns out, he’s back in prison. Elliot’s girlfriend told us she misses him, but smiled, as she said, he’ll be back.

Turns out, Elliot’s life hasn’t been easy – he spent 6 months in jail for lying – claiming the gun was for him and not Chicago gang bangers. He made the deal while his daughter was dying from a brain tumor. Then he was burned in a propane house explosion. Now a parole violation has him back behind bars.

But Elliot’s girlfriend and the mother of his children says she can be happy because she and Michael are alive. Something the Wortham family can’t say about their son.


It took one gun, from a small blues town in Mississippi to a big city known for its Blues to change so many lives.





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  • Tikka

    Most lawful gun owners would never sell a gun to a total stranger, or likely not anyone not a family member or close friend. It’s a cultural theme that this guy who has been in trouble with the law, would sell a gun to a gang member who used it in a crime. It’s not the gun culture that’s a problem, it’s the crime culture.

  • Mickey Meador

    “the hands of a robber who shot and killed a Chicago cop”
    There you are Chicago: the problem IS your robbers, gangs, hood, gangsters, drug pushers and host of other degenerates that populate you violent city. It’s not the guns dummies, it’s the people who you refuse to arrest and confine because of their untouchable minority profile status. Until you clean out those vermin you will always have your violent crime problems. If it weren’t guns it would be knives, baseball bats, tire irons or what have you.
    It’s not the guns importation, it’s the scum of Chicago.

  • Jeff Burger

    The scapegoat of a weak liberal mind and a lazy reporter; It’s somebody else’s fault. Anybody else’s fault. It came from somewhere else, it came from anywhere else. It has nothing to do with the criminal, animal hoodlums roaming your streets with impunity while the Chicago Police who have been wantonly impotent, wandering aimlessly around like a blind man in a glass factory.

  • Lalo62900

    How can you be so stupid and not see the link between weak gun laws and all gun deaths all over the country? It goes beyond culture and race, it’s the accessibility t9 weapons. If you could order a nuclear weapons online every country around the world would have one, specially those looking to rule the world. You dumb people. This is a great report but your mind is so closed and small to appreciate it. Great job guys!

    • Mickey Meador

      Better idea: put a wall around South Chicago to keep the scum inside. Eventually the crime problem would cure itself running out of perps and vics.

  • Random Dude

    If it’s weak gun laws in weak states that facilitate this why aren’t the “weak” states seeing the same kind of gun violence that Chicago is seeing? Because those “weak” states allow their citizens to carry for protection. Illinois’s and Chicago’s politicians are so corrupt, arrogant, and self-serving that they’ll never see how much their perpetual and redundant policies keep failing. Also their complete unwillingness to address the gang problem for their racist reasons allows them to pawn off the “gun problem” on their unwitting constituents. Way to keep an entire demographic in poverty and essentially segregated all for your cowardly political agenda. :(

  • Edgeist

    Just to give the broad historical perspective, most of the African-Americans in Chicago came from Mississippi. When mechanical cotton-pickers replaced manual labor, the segregation, lack of jobs, racism, and gun violence of Mississippi whites drove one generation after another of Mississippi blacks to Chicago. They arrived with no money and little or no education, thanks to Mississippi. Basically, Mississippi exported its problems to Chicago, Obviously, it’s still happening.

  • Tikka

    The media keeps asking why Chicago’s gun crimes are so much higher than New York. They conclude, it must be access to guns. I checked my Rand McNally U.S map today and it clearly shows many routes from New York to Mississippi. And also, Georgia and Florida. Hmm, it looks like New York criminals have the same illegal access to guns as they have in Chicago. Why is the gun crime rate so much lower. Maybe because they prosecute crimes better in New York instead of showing the criminals a revolving door.

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