Anchor loses it over euphemisms for male genitalia

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WGN Anchor Robin Baumgarten can't keep a straight face when her fellow co-anchors start suggesting euphemisms for male genitalia.

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  • Tim/Lonnie

    Dear WGN tv: Larry, the WGN reporter should be ‘reminded’ that his comments regarding the male doll are totally INAPPROPRIATE and so very UNPROFESSIONAL!! There should be a job performance review done regarding his words/comments. Never have I witnessed such an AWFUL
    thing on local news…..ever! WGN….. please consider releasing him from his job duties! He is NOT
    an asset to WGN tv/Chicago! Larry… need to apologize to your audience; that is if you are
    still around after that TERRIBLE news segment!

    • Joe.

      It must be you first time watching WGN in the morning.
      I suggest you rethink your desire to see someone terminated over such trivial comments. If it bothers you that much, perhaps you should look elsewhere for your morning news. If you ask nicely, I’m sure your caregiver will change the channel for you.

    • Jamie

      Lighten up! You act like he said a racial slur or something! These people are so entertaining and it’s nice to have the humor with the serious stuff. Watch another channel if you don’t like it. Fox News seems appropriate for you

    • Rich Martinez

      Slow down dude what the majority of people who watch WGN like is the fact that not only can Larry, Robin & the rest of the team report the news in a very professional manner they also know how to keep things humorous and light, laughing is a great way to start your day, you should try it sometime cause it sure sounds like you need to. If how they report the news is too upsetting and offensive to you there is an easier fix beside taking a mans career away from him!! CHANGE THE DAM CHANNEL YOU GRUMP!!!!!! ROCK ON WGN!!!!

    • Kent

      Maybe you need to switch to NBC with anchorman Dick Johnson and weatherman Peter Sack. And yes, this is their real names (Google it).

    • Andy

      It is refreshing to see a post from anyone who will call out WGN 9 morning news for its unprofessional behavior and ethical standards. Really, it isn’t a news show as much as a clown act, it is a distraction from news as relevant stories are not reported, constant sexual references and entertainment pieces, I pay attention to what is missing like Larry Flynt does, it smacks of state controlled media to pander to immorality and debauchery, some very big stories arent reported, one very relevant story on a man with a concealed carry permit shooting someone in Chicago who had shot a victim who was with 5 others thereby stopping any further violence. This one alone one can surmise does not fit into the gun control debate for the govt. who wants our guns. This is just one story of hundreds unreported, but you cant report on Justin Bieber and irrelevant stories in Hollywood for 25 minutes (like this morning) and cover relevant stories, and that is what WGN stands for. Defenders of a daily broadcast that you will not not see without some sort of adult humor and sexual references are deceived, they believe this is normal and there is something wrong with YOU.
      They dont need to fire Larry, he is doing what this station stands for which shows the degradation and sickness inherent in the culture. Don’t watch the station, speak out about the content which is inappropriate and the lack of reporting of relevant news stories which impact the world. Terrible, unprofessional and irrelevant, it isnt news but a deplorable and unethical station but this is what gets ratings.

  • Debi

    Some people need to get a sense of humor! WGN morning news is the highlight of my morning. They are hysterical, entertaining, & informative. Keep up the good work…see you in the a.m. ;)

    • Andy

      Thank you also for your comment, so true. The defenders of this type of sickness and buffoonery are WGN’s best customers. We may be a minority here, but rather a minority that a willful idiot promoting such garbage.

      • Regina Nellessen

        Thank you, Andy. I was once a staunch fan of WGN news and weather, but they have been slipping more and more, trying to emulate others. If this is what the viewers prefer, so be it. I have found many other sources online from which to obtain relevant, detailed information.

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