Workers protest over bathroom rights

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Tracking bathroom breaks at the office: Could it be for production purposes? One Chicago company says they do it so factory workers don't spend excessive amounts of time in the loo.

WaterSaver Faucet Co. Claims the bathroom terms were hammered out with union members in April and 19 people have been reprimanded so far. Verbal warnings come first, WGN is told, then written warnings. Termination is the final step for bathroom violations.

All this is coming to light during union negotiations for the 80 factory workers who help manufacture faucets in Chicago.

Employees have already agreed, according to the company president, to 60 minutes of bathroom break time over a 2 week period. That averages out to 6 minutes a day. Management monitors staff by having them swipe a key card each time they enter a restroom on site. Workers, who make $13/hour, can be disciplined and also have incentives not to use the bathrooms. Anyone who does not go to the bathroom can receive an extra dollar a day.

One worker tells WGN he is afraid to go the bathroom at work.

The company president, Steven Kersten, says the agreement was put into place so no one uses the bathroom "as a place to hang out, text, and Facebook rather than work."


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  • Natalli Kosenkova

    I’m with John on this one… I will not do business with this company or any company that uses this method. What an employee does in the bathroom whether its texting or pooping is none of that company’s business. This is just yet another form of way to control and oppress the masses. It starts with the work place and ends up being everywhere else.

    • Ken Meyer

      If it truly is “none of that company’s business”, then it’s also none of the company’s business to pay for the time spent on the crapper, either. Now, perhaps you feel it’s somehow “oppress[ion of] the masses” by virtue of their not being able to force others to pay them for taking a crap. Somehow, I don’t think responsible (i.e. – those who actually CONTRIBUTE to society as opposed to simply making “gimme, gimme” demands over and over again) people feel that way.

      Then again, perhaps they do. Are **YOU** willing to step forward and pay the wages for the time spent by these people on the commode? [smile] Somehow I doubt it.

  • greg

    Unions should be done away and this sounds like a union bartering tactic in negotions to pass a larger fat check payout to someone. Not saying thhe average worker. 6 minutes per day is unrealistic. The contract negotiators are either idiots or have something to gain or lose. Probably both. ;)

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