Shamiya Adams laid to rest

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Services for 11-year-old Shamiya Adams was only scheduled for two hours this morning at this Forest Park church it went way past that time, as politicians, community leaders, friends and family spoke of the desire to the end the violence and their love of Shamiya.

Hundreds gather to say a final goodbye to 11- year-old Shamiya Adams.

There were comforting words. The was also the acknowledgement there really isn’t anything that can be said that will take away her family’s pain

Eleven-year-old Shamiya Adams, who had a twin sister, was nicked name Queen, Adams was hit by a stray bullet just over a week ago, while she was at a sleepover in the East Garfield Park neighborhood.  Police say 18-year-old Tevin Lee has been charged in her murder.

But this day, isn’t about what happened, but about remembering 11-year-old Shamiya.

She lit up her family’s heart with her love, volunteer work and fundraising efforts at school–the family has told me it’s their faith they are leaning on.

Also brings out a plea from this congregation and really the city for something to be done to curb Chicago’s violence.

With a final prayer and a final goodbye Shamiya was taken to her final resting place with the respect a queen deserves.

Shamiya was buried at Forest Home Cemetery in Forest Park.

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  • Jim Johnson

    its a shame this young lady had to die by the violence in Chicago. what is inexcusable is these politicians are using her death to influence voters. if this wasn’t an election year Quinn wouldn’t be there campaigning. may she rest in peace.

  • James madison

    Quinn. And jesse. Not here for the little girl. They are her for thier own agendas. I think this has made my decision to vote for rauner. Let the family mourn and not make it about politics Scum these democrats are

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