Emanuel: 1,000 immigrant kids to Chicago

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposes taking in more Latin American children caught at the border.

In his statement, the mayor says the situation along the Mexico border is a growing humanitarian crisis we can no longer ignore.

His administration is looking at ways to shelter another 1,000 children by the end of the year with the federal government paying housing costs. Emanuel also wants to offer the kids free legal counsel as they work through the immigration process.

Five hundred immigrant children are already here.

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  • Casey

    Chicago is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED RIP. This is nothing new he will wreck the city in to submission give billions of city contracts to his friends. then flea the city.

  • FEDUP1967

    Dear Mayor Emmanual – you can not take care of the people who LIVE here already. Please do not bring any immigrant children here – please send them back home to their families. The cities and counties and the state of Illinois do not have the money to take care of them. Perhaps Mexico needs to step up and take care of their children and this humanitarian crisis. I know this sounds harsh but WE Chicagoans and Illinoisans are already facing a humanitarian crisis by the number of shooting and unemployment and a massive budget deficit.

  • Kevin

    Well at least Chicago can afford it. (Joke) guess this is the liberal way of thinking . Broke as crap but we need more votes . You guys are so screwed on your leadership

  • Barry Kevin

    If “CHICAGO” can’t (won’t) help— My hometown and THE MELTING POT CITY of the USA!!!— with these poor kids, I’ll take 3 or 4 here in my little loft apartment in Green Bay (and after a week or two, they’ll be Packer Fans for life!)

    If the 4 or 5 million people in the Chicago Metro Area can’t find a way to provide for 1000 kids in need, then maybe several hundred Wisconsinites can teach you!

    • Jay Danner

      Barry Kevin, it’s good to see that someone besides myself is positive regarding this difficult situation. I hope to see those who can to be willing to help out.

    • Julienne Vargas

      First of all, should Green Bay be in the situation and not my broke-ass hometown, Chicago, you’d be saying the same thing. Chicago can barely keep it true citizens and their children safe, so what makes you thin bringing more kids into the city is safe?

  • ml57

    Sure, lets take advantage of any situation to accelerate this country’s future as a third world state.

    Love all those buzz words rahmer uses:
    Federal government paying housing costs = on the taxpayers.
    Offer the kids free legal counsel = on the taxpayers.

  • John

    Supposedly these kids are fleeing the killings and violence in their own country. They should feel right at home in Chicago.

  • Mark weiderman

    Funny how they knew about the immigrants back in January, and still let them, NO, Invited them in ..No jobs in Chicago now.. Oh well we’ll feed them and house , and clothe them…FOR FREE…

  • Cjv

    Send them back home come into USA the right way like others do, plus who is paying for all this? Ohhhh let me guess Chicago is, Chicago is broke as hell, Chicago can not send its own students to schools plus laying off teachers but you want to bring 1,000 more kids…. Stupid but what the goverment can just borrow more money from China. Even China is laughing at USA saying dummmmm a…sssssssssssss.

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