Intruder: I’m pregnant. California Man: I shot her

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(CNN) — Tom Greer says he fought back when he was attacked by intruders at his Southern California home. When he got his gun and fired at them, they ran.

The 80-year-old homeowner says one of the fleeing burglars, a woman, shouted, “I’m pregnant!” He shot her twice, killing her.

The woman was not pregnant, Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office told CNN.

The district attorney will decide Friday whether Greer will face criminal charges.

Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell said Greer walked into his house Tuesday to find suspects Andrea Miller, 26, and Gus Adams, 28, ransacking it. According to McDonnell, Greer said this was the fourth time his house has been burglarized.

Police say the couple beat and threw the elderly man to the ground, causing him to suffer a broken collarbone, cuts and bruises.

Despite his injuries, Greer managed to grab his gun and fire at the suspects, causing them to flee through the garage and into the alley, police said.

In an interview with non-CNN affiliate KNBC, Greer said that as the suspects ran into the alley, Miller yelled, “‘Don’t shoot me, I’m pregnant! I’m going to have a baby!’ and I shot her anyway.”

Miller died in the alley, the police chief said.

When asked by KNBC how he felt about the incident, Greer responded that he had no regrets.

“I had to do what I had to do.”

The male suspect fled the scene, according to Greer and Chief McDonnell. Adams was later arrested and charged with residential robbery and felony murder in Miller’s death. He is currently being held on $1.25 million bond.

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    • Swaglord Basedgod

      This guy is an 80 year old man who was just assaulted, and has had his home broken into 4 times, probably by these same people. He was in danger, and acted appropriately by standing his ground and shooting at these scumbags. People that break into others homes to steal and assault the elderly deserve to get shot.

      • Jim

        Nope. Not in the house any longer. In the alley. Fleeing. Way too late to shoot them. Time to call the cops and stand down. I know it doesn’t seem fair, but the law’s not about fair.

  • Kimberly D.

    My business law teacher once told his students, “if someone breaks in your home and u shoot them, make sure the intruder is inside the home, if not u better drag them in before the police come”

    • Jim

      Absolutely. Damn the legalities, blast away. Get those intruders. There may be some legal consequences, but what the heck.

      Oh, and John, it’s “should HAVE”, not “should of”. But I’m sure you knew that, being the educated person that you obviously are. Just a typo, right?

      • Charles

        Oh Jim… Why are you so stupid? How do you function everyday being so simple minded…. I sure hope that when someone breaks into your home, robs you, beats the pics out of you that they break your collar bone and leave you to die… But by chance if you are able to grab your gun, and see them “fleeing” all you can do is wave goodbye…

  • Michelle

    The way I was reading it – the 80 year old homeowner grabbed his gun to defend himself while they were still in the house – he didn’t initially shoot at them outside…. they were inside – saw him point the gun – and then started to retreat. This should be covered by stand your ground ruling – he was standing his ground originally when he made his initial stand …… he couldn’t help it they started running away only after they saw a gun. You can’t just let them go because they would have hurt him worse and still robbed him if he didn’t stand his ground and fire

    • Jim

      Michelle, for what it’s worth, I’m a lawyer. The stand your ground law worked perfectly in this case — UNTIL Mr. Greer left his house. He stood his ground, brandished a firearm, and the perps ran away. Perfect. That’s EXACTLY what the law wants. The threat has ended. The citizen part of the event is over, and it is now a law enforcement problem.

      However tempting it may be in the fear and anger following an assault and robbery, if the citizen then pursues and attacks the perps after they’ve left his home, he has just become a vigilante. Citizens don’t administer justice. The police and courts administer justice. Within their homes, especially at night, the law gives a lot of leeway to residents dealing with intruders. Outside of their homes, citizens may protect themselves and nothing more. If Mr. Greer injures or kills somebody in this situation — no matter how sympathetic a figure he may be — he may well have committed a felony. A simple way to view it is if you’re going to use deadly force in a case like this — and you’re not inside your home at night — you’d best not shoot anybody in the back. You simply do not have the right to fire at somebody who’s obviously in the process of running away.

    • Jim

      We’ll see who won the war after his murder trial. And let’s hope you’re not on the jury. Having an 80 year-old guy running around administering vigilante justice will never be good for America. Let’s just hope there isn’t a child in the way when one of Wild Bill’s shots miss.

  • edwin

    Folks, please read the article again. It states that the intruders were inside of the home when shot at. They ran out through the garage to an alley where Andrea Miller died. The old man is in the right in my opinion. Good job sir!

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