Michelle Obama speaks at Chicago fundraiser, attends concert with daughters

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Data pix.

First Lady Michelle Obama woke up in Chicago Friday.

Obama spoke at a political fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee in the Gold Coast neighborhood Thursday afternoon. She talked about gun violence in Chicago, telling donors that Democrats will make it better for young people in the future.

Later that night, Obama went to the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert at Soldier Field with daughters Sasha and Malia.

Viewer Yesenia Herrera captured this photo of the three at the concert:

Kamita and Katrina Terrell also snapped this selfie that shows Aerosmith's Steven Tyler also at the concert.



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  • DC123

    Nothing better to do with your valuable time? Hey, stupid…People are getting shot in Chicago…Where is the old man to try to address this?

  • alvin pace

    So the nitwit gets to take her kids to concerts on our dime. Perfect, just perfect. And while the world is going up in flames you get to sing diddy hits and Barry gets to play the fiddle.

  • jaejaedynomite

    I think it’s great that the first lady allows for mother & daughter time with her growing teenage girls! (The Obamas were independently, moderately wealthy before the president took office. I’m pretty sure this expenditure wasn’t on “our” dime.) Kudos to a mom just being a mom!

    • GiftofDiscernment

      Mother/ Daughter time is one thing, but a Beyonce Jay-Z concert??? The girls are underage. Have you heard Jay Z beyonce lyrics, have you seen Beyonce’s attire? She may has well taken them on a mother daughter outing to astrip club, low class and inappropriate in my opinion. Use to like Michelle Obama, but it speaks volumes that she practically worships these ghetto trash performers AND exposes her young daughters to them. Sick

  • jesse jackson

    Correct me if I am wrong, but hasn’t Chicago (one of the worst cities in the U.S.) been under democratic control for a long time now?

  • Mike

    Democrats have had power in Chicago for generations, which is why we have such a violent city. If the idiots who vote here would change things up (stop electing Democrat machine politicians like Obama, Emanual, Quinn, etc.) we might have a chance to reduce the violence, but they never will, they are way too brainwashed.

  • John

    “She talked about gun violence in Chicago, telling donors that Democrats will make it better for young people in the future”

    What about the kids that don’t have a future now because of the gun violence?
    How come none of the shooters “could be Obama’s son” like Travon Martin was? Why does BO not says something about the violence in Chicago.
    No wonder they don’t want to come back here to live.

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