Mayor Emanuel speaks at Shamiya Adams fundraiser

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Drawn by social media and flyers put up around the neighborhood, dozens showed up at a Friday afternoon fundraiser to help Shamiya Adams’ family pay for her funeral Saturday.

Police charged West Side teenager Tevin Lee, 18, with her killing.

The news of an arrest is not doing much to ease the enormous pain of the young girl’s grandfather.

“There’s some closure, but to lose a baby, that’s going to go on in our heads forever,” said Adams’ grandfather Roger Goodloe.

The 11-year-old was at a sleepover Friday, sitting on the floor of a West Side apartment and playing with friends when shots were fired outside. One passed through a window and struck her in the head.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has been highly visible since the tragedy occurred, was also at the fundraiser. He says he is trying to be there for her mother.'

“As a fellow parent, to give her the strength, the notion that she’s not alone, that she is in my family, and I hope the prayers of every family, in the city of Chicago,” Emanuel said.

Police say Lee is a known gang member. Witnesses identified him as the person who fired the shots, four or five of them, at rival gang members—retaliation, investigators say, after a friend of his was beaten in a fist fight a few hours earlier.

“Because of an altercation between a couple of 14-year-old kids, we`ve now got another person who is murdered. Senselessly. Tragically. Because there’s a gun introduced into a fistfight,” Chicago Police Department superintendent Garry McCarthy said.

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1 Comment

  • Tikka

    Three weeks ago today, one of the shootings in Chicago was stopped cold and the shooter sent to the hospital and arrested when a good guy with a gun saved himself and the people he was with. The first concealed carry holder in Chicago to stop a bad guy in the act had his story told in the newspaper, but not one local TV news channels covered this historic event. This man should get a parade, a book deal and countless interviews, but instead he got the cold shoulder from the Chicago media. This leaves no doubt that the media is biased squarely against legal gun ownership and concealed carry in Illinois. They are little more than chicken parrots for the Chicago political machine.

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