Local architect proposes Montrose Beach makeover

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
CT ct-met-kc-hot-weather0719-067.jpg

A local architect is proposing a major makeover for Montrose Beach.

Matt Nardella proposed plans to create an area of open land and a bird sanctuary to replace two current parking lots.

Street parking which is now free would become metered. Divvy bike stations and a boardwalk would be also be added to the area.

The park district has yet to review the plan.

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  • JenInChicago

    Isn’t the lakefront supposed to be free for citizens to use and free from businesses to make profit, etc? (aside from the rests at Oak Street, that’s pretty much adhered to) The crooks running the meters shouldn’t be able to benefit.

  • AJ Caputo

    A few points that that need to be considered:
    – Privatizing the parks compromises Chicago tax payers who already pay for parks through property taxes!
    – There is already a huge bird sanctuary at Montrose Harbor.
    – The parking lots have been privatized, Simons Dr. has no meters.
    – Parking has always been a problem in peak months in the summer, taking away more parking mean more people parking in the densely populated neighborhood – residential parking restrictions already exist.
    Perhaps privatizes may want to invest in underwater metering parking garages under the water in the lake!!!

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