Dad charged after telling kids he’ll “lock them in a hot truck”

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A father in Tinley Park is charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly threatening and cursing at his young children in a restaurant.

Police say two women reported hearing Mark Pawlak use profanities and then tell his kids that he would lock them in a hot truck if they didn’t “shut up”.

One of the women confronted Pawlak about his language and he cursed her out.

He told police the woman made up the entire story but he did admit to using profanities.

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    • Nisha

      It is true that children do need discipline, but he should not have cursed the children like that especially not out in public. People take threats to children seriously. To many children are being abused and growing up to be abusive adults. If the father cursed the lady out and didn’t care what do you think the child is going to do when he or she becomes older. Raising children is not easy but as parents we have to do our best to raise them correctly.

      • DJK

        I can be in a grocery store telling my kids to calm down and behave, just takes one nut-ball to tell police he or she doesn’t like my way of discipline, next thing you know I’m in jail.

      • SouthSider

        Most parents now a days don’t understand that you have to lead by example. Kids watch everything you do and listen to everything you say and soak it all in like a sponge. Discipline is very important in raising children but teaching them the right and wrong ways to handle situations is also very important. I feel its lazy parenting when parents just use spankings and/or verbal tirades alone. You have to talk, teach, and spend time with your kids also.

    • SouthSider

      Okay I got 1 more point to make….When I was a child my mother didn’t have to tell me too many times to act right in public b/c of whats was enforced behind close doors at home. Like a poker game that taught me to not show my hand to everyone. That was an important lesson in my life. My mother lost it once b/c of bad grades and disciplined me in public and all that did was put me in a position where I had to fight several peers to gain my respect back. It made me angry and I lashed out more and more until I went to the military years later. I’m not saying I didn’t deserve it b/c now looking back school was easy and adulthood is hard but what could’ve been contained was unleashed.

  • DJK

    Most of the people who criticize the way a child is raised are usually far left wing drug addicts that don’t have kids, exactly the reason what we have in the White House.

    • SouthSider

      Where were the drug comments when Bush was in office? He had a history of snorting coke on a regular basis. Plan and simple no one saying you can’t discipline your children but learn how to discipline like an adult. The man shouldn’t been charged with anything. That’s not an issue for the police. He should’ve got them straight at home before coming out in public. He was probably cussing around other peoples kids thus the reason why the woman had the right to say something to him. Have respect for others around you.

  • noneofyourbusiness

    At the age of 6 and 7….the child should know how to open a door…if need be. Thats whats wrong with the youth today, ppl cant discipline their children. What it was just a scare tactic to get them to act right. I will discipline my children however I see fit and explain to them why it is being done. They also know if you do something wrong you will pay for it. She should have minded her own damn business.

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