Mayor leads panel of law enforcement, community officials on anti-violence strategy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Leaders from Chicago city government, federal law enforcement agencies, faith groups and community organizations met privately today to discuss joint efforts to combat gun violence and strengthen communities.

Mayor Emanuel spoke after the meeting, clearly angered and frustrated by the violent episodes that take lives, frighten residents and injure citizens – even while Emanuel has increased efforts to stop the violence.

“I am proud that we have more public safety resources because that’s a part of this. But we have to double up our resources in investing in our communities and our individuals so they can be on the trajectory of finding a job because that job is going to give the community and that individual the skills and the hope for a ticket to the middle class,” Emanuel said.

Many members of the panel said they were so impressed by today’s meeting that they plan to meet again, soon.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said he is beginning to see tiny rays of hope coming out of the neighborhood.

“We are getting information out of the community. People are opening up and talking to us,” he said.

Those leaving today’s meeting said they felt the panel was a good idea that would bring about positive results.

The meeting comes after another weekend of violence.

Since Friday afternoon, four people were killed and 38 injured in shootings around the city.

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  • Talk Talk Talk

    Enough with the talk & discussions. Get out of your offices and get on the streets. When you do a media conference or afternoon protest it has little effect.
    Get outside when the criminals are out, evening and early morning hours.

    • arubatom

      You are right on the money….the talk, talk, talk has been going on for years already….and JJ wants money from Washington to help solve the problem….the only tax money I want spent is for National Guard MP’s to start taking names and kicking ass in these high crime areas…that’s the only things thugs understand anyway!!!!

  • thelogicalpositivist

    “a private meeting to discuss joint efforts to combat gun violence”

    We’re saved! We’re saved! No more criminals shooting people! They’re having a meeting!

  • John

    It will not stop!. 50 years of carefully engineered democratic life in this City and State has created this monster.Great job, enjoy what you created.

  • Tikka

    Anytime Rahm Emanuel and Gary McCarthty have a meeting to discuss gun violence, the simpleton outcome will invariably be ‘we have to take away the guns, ….the guns are the problem, ….without the guns everything would be fine and of course it’s not our fault, they get the guns from out of state..’ Simple answers from simple people in power. The garbage will continue as long as the media remains an accomplice.

  • john derricks

    Do a gun buy back incentive,no questions ask,and legalized certain “street drugs”…I.e. marijuana, do this & the murder rate and all other violent crimes will go down,do this week after week,get the business community involve (to offer incentives,gift cards etc)…I guarantee this will it operation carrot & sticks…

  • Natzeret

    You want crime to drop in Chicago? Let law abiding citizens arm themselves.
    Declare martial law in high crime which is most of South Chicago.

  • Mike

    Why is it always the people who don’t do the work and aren’t connected to it that think they have a plan. Why aren’t the supervisors and men that work in the field involved in the decisions. McCarthy don’t know jack about working the beat in Chicago. The Feds are worthless and the Mayor doesn’t have a clue.

  • arubatom

    Rahm and McCarthy are more interested in photo op speeches and marches. I agree with the one post…go with martial law for the troublesome areas….use the National Guard and let the MP’s do “whatever is needed”, to enforce things!!

  • John

    This is truly a joke, they have almost as many meetings and discussions as there are shootings and nothing happens
    A simple solution is why not a mandatory jail term if you do a crime with a gun. No probation, no parole, no plea bargaining. If the jail get too full use the National Guard to set up a compound similar to those used for POWS.
    Also the media needs to follow cases with gun arrests, see how many are plea bargained down or the offender gets probation
    This will never be implemented because by locking the offenders up it will cut into the voting bloc of the very politicians that are at the “secret meeting”

  • Ismael

    It does not bother me when criminals take each other out. My only concern is when the innocent get hurt because of these idiots. More meetings won’t solve anything. You create jobs and they won’t work, You provide free education and they won’t attend school, all they want is check delivered to their house. They have no shame or pride. So how can You change an attitude like that. It is a lost cause.

  • Tikka

    It seems that our local news channels report each and every shooting, but they never air the news of a concealed carry holder actually stopping a crime in progress. More of these situations are happening with more concealed carry permits being issued every day. Why are they trying to hides these ‘good’ stories ???

  • Mickey Meador

    The solution is simple: arrest, convict and keep incarcerated the scum criminals killing each other. Of course they will still kill in prison but at least the public will be safer.

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