$8K reward for information leading to Shamiya Adams killer

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Community activists offer an $8 thousand dollar reward for information leading to the person who killed an 11-year-old girl in East Garfield Park.

Shamiya Adams was attending a friend's sleepover near Gladys and Springfield Friday night.

Family members said Shamiya was eating s’mores over a pretend campfire, when a stray bullet came through a side window hitting her in the head.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel became emotional when talking about Shamiya’s death yesterday. He visited Adams’ family and neighbors to offer condolences.

Saturday evening, hundreds of people stood outside the home to pay tribute to the child.

28th Ward Alderman Jason Ervin, coordinated the event. Neighbors, city and state leaders, and even a Congressman attended.

Pastor George Daniels baptized Shamiya and knew her well.  He was the first to offer-up a reward for information leading to Shamiya’s killer. Then the offers kept coming.

“I value the life of this baby," said Daniels. "I value her life….it’s sad. It’s sad!”

Her great-grandmother also bearing this unfair reality, but she’s optimistic Shamiya’s killer will caught.

So far, police aren’t saying much about who they’re looking for. But sources close to the investigation said surveillance cameras may have captured this shooter on tape.

Another prayer vigil for Shamiya is planned for this afternoon at the sight of the shooting.

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  • Mike Payne

    Having a “vigil” at 1 in the after noon accomplishes not much, have bunches of NEIGHBORHOOD PEOPLE occupy EVERY street corner all night long — that is IF you really want to see things change.

  • Melissa Manning

    God bless her family and the children who witnessed a child murdered in their own home, in their own bedroom. Where will those children ever be/feel safe again? Smh, we don’t need 7 ATF agents! We need the military to come in here and stop this NOW!!! Please!

  • Just another Friday night

    Talk is cheap Mr Mayor .
    PLEASE call Governor Quinn and accept his promise of releasing the Illinois State Police’s resources to help take back our streets from the gangs and drug dealers.
    Why don’t you? I really think you haven’t asked for the state Police’s help because if you do it will show exactly for what you are, incompetent to stop the violence at your office level .

  • Bill Otten

    I have said it before, & I will continue to say it: I don’t believe for a second that there are people who DON’T know who the shooters are. Until the people who live in these areas turn them in, this will continue to happen, & no amount of police can stop it. And as for the argument of “gang retaliation”-the people in these areas HAVE,,,,,NO…….CHOICE about what is the right thing to do! The cops can’t do anything UNLESS people come forward! It’s THEIR choice-not the city’s-not the cops-NOT Emanuel’s-THEIR CHOICE! AS long as these people who live in the areas DON’T turn in these shooters-NOTHING……..WILL………CHANGE!

  • Don't beleive the hype

    I am blaming Rahm & his Chief of police.
    That is straight BS if you think it’s that easy to take back your neighborhoods back against this type of criminal.
    Change needs to start at the top and the rest will follow. When Dick Daley & his old man was in office these criminals knew that they would not only end up in jail but get a beat down before getting there.
    Why don’t you ( those people who commented above)
    Get a police scanner and listen on a Friday or Saturday night?
    then you will see there are not enough police to respond to calls for help, the dispatchers pratically begging a police officer to take another call. No lunches to be given out, any burglaries where no criminal is still there (you have to wait to tomorrow for a cop to show up look around and take a report).

    It starts with Rahm Emmanuel and ends with Chief McCarthy.
    When a neighbor calls to report a crime, now they take their lives in their own hands. The cops come look around take a report and move on to the next job. There are No More beat cops except where people have money (Gold coast)
    So dont preach that its not managements fault, it sure is.
    People follow by example, and we have a pitiful excuse for management leading an example now.