Miss Idaho’s bikini pic with insulin pump sparks social media campaign

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The new Miss Idaho is making a splash on social media this week.

Sierra Sandison, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2012, has previously spoken about her fear of wearing her insulin pump in public. But during this year’s pageant, she decided to wear it proudly and posted a photo of herself wearing her bikini with her pump to Facebook.

And the photo prompted Sandison to start a social media campaign.

On Facebook she wrote: “I have faced my fear of proudly showing my insulin pump! Now I want to see YOURS! Post your photo on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook– make sure it is shared publicly so I can see it) with the hashtag #showmeyourpump! The nationwide support from my fellow diabetics this weekend has been AMAZING! I can’t wait to see more of you guys! This is not limited to just girls, or to people with pumps–I want to see YOU and whatever your daily battle with diabetes looks like. “

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  • Carrie

    Wasn’t there some beauty-somebody who recently posted pictures of herself in a bikini with a colostomy bag? And in the “Originality” competition, Sierra comes last place.

    • Me

      Basically saying “Simpson’s did it” whenever someone conquers their fear makes you look like a twat. Which, coincidentally, is also not original. Congratulations, you’re also in last place.

      • Mike Payne

        Why are people so snide and hateful (not you me), she’s a cute girl — and has done nothing that I can see to earn such hostility and negativity.

  • nik

    Good for her. As a person with u.c. its amazing to see women embracing what we have been are self.conscious about. Our disease take enough from us. I’m glad to see more coming out and fighting back. I say yay for her.

  • Bec

    I can’t believe all the negative comments. Shocking! I have watched my child battle diabetes since he was 9 years old. I have watched my child have seizures. I pray for a cure everyday. You all should be ashamed.