11-year-old girl eating s’mores around “campfire” when killed by stray bullet

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An eleven-year-old girl has died after being shot in the head inside a home on Chicago's West Side.

11-yr-oldChicago Police say the girl was hit by a stray bullet in a home in the 3900 block of West Gladys Avenue in the Garfield Park neighborhood at 9:35 p.m. Friday night.

Relatives have identified the girl as Shamiya Adams, 11, and they say she was at a sleepover with friends. The bullet flew through a window in the front room where several young girls were playing.  They were circled around a pretend "campfire" eating s'mores when the stray bullet hit Adams in the head.

Adams was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital in critical conditions and received surgery overnight, but has now been pronounced dead.

Investigators believe the bullet that hit Adams came from a vacant lot across the street from the home.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel became emotional when talking about Shamiya's death. He visited adams' family and neighbors to offer condolences.

Saturday evening, hundreds of people stood outside the home to pay tribute to the child.

Another prayer vigil for Shamiya is planned for this afternoon at the sight of the shooting.

No one is in custody and police are not saying if they have a description of the shooter.

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  • jose diaz

    Its so sad to see whats happening here in chicago…all these young kids dying from crossfires or stray bullets…sad ass superintendent we have here…..chicago sucks because of all the madness time to step up and take action

    • Mike Payne

      “Step up and take action how” Jose? The “Black Community” hasn’t turned in the guys who robbed the Orange Line “L” (and someone knows who the are — but “no snitch”) — do you think the overall “Black Community” actually gives a kitty about this poor little girl?

      My Sincerest Condolences to the Family…….

      • Loitra

        Yes there are some who do care about a mother who lost her baby girl some of us have a heart. You can’t put all of black people in the same category the orange line gets robbed and you wanna through shade to blacks. What about what happens on the red line? This is why we can’t come together on anything. Peace

  • tatyana wilsin

    That’s crazy man….. people is crazy out here. Its a shame but that’s the world we live in. She was such a innocent little girl….

    • Mike Payne

      NO Tatyana — That is the world we allow O U R little “gangsta” kids to create for us…….

      When the killers are captured, it will probably be because of intense CPD detective work; N O T because
      they were turned in by other members of the “community” like they should be (that “no snitch” mess).

  • jj

    the politicians can only fix this issue from the outside.

    the people in the communties need to work on the issues from the inside.

    start having a higher respect for your life and others. encourage your kids to go to school, do well in school and live a positive and productive life.

    have more “peace marches” vs “fight the hat” marches. be pro peace vs anti hate.

    start listening to more positive and uplifting music. think old school motown and 80’s music.

    the govt won’t do for us what we should already be doing for ourselves.

  • Daniel

    It’s the mentality of these kids, yes kids, the gangs give the guns to. I’m under 18 years of age, the man can’t do anything to me, so I do my thing for the my man. So sad, guess what KIDS, your 14+ your going to do big time. Be prepared to spend half your young life in prison. You all better wake up. What do they say, so mean, so angry, damn that RAP music, Don’t give me the crap the music is the story of my life. Your life is what YOU make it child. Oh yeah, video games really help the situation also.

    • Mike Payne

      THAT IS a BIG part of the problem Daniel — that Damm Vulgar “Rap/Hip-Hop” BullCrap; BUT folks don’t want to hear that — and so this stuff will go on, and on, and on, and on, and on, etc., etc., etc………

  • Maggie

    My friend says they have to vote for the democratic party because they take care of her people. Really!? People need jobs, & communities need to come together to get rid of the violence, drugs, etc… I know it can be turned around, this cannot be the way these people really want to live. It would help to have leaders that were more interested in their people than their pockets, but ultimately the change has to come from within. Why is it so acceptable to live in violence & “protect” the violators when the next stray bullet could hit YOUR child. This is not who you are. Please stop, please become who you are meant to be.
    I will never forget a an innocent little girl sitting around a make believe campfire with her friends.
    God Bless You Shamiya, may your senseless murder be the one that opens their eyes. :(….

  • lyvonne lymon

    Its not the guns its the stupid people wit them where is the protection. Stop killing our kids. Chicago please help us . Parents are not suppose to burden our kids. Please stop.