Introducing our new Chicago Weather Center website

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Check out our new Chicago Weather Center website by clicking here.


  • Stan Szczap

    Deleted Weather Center bookmark. Added WFLD. Your new website is terrible. Cannot save locations, radar difficult to use and poor aspect ratio. Could the ads get any more prominent? This site is one giant step backwards.

    • Judy Wiggins

      Totally agree, Stan. Very disappointed as WGN Weather has always been my top pick to check out the local weather!

  • Patrick

    Awful. Just awful. I stopped visiting nbcnews when they switched to a similar layout. Whoever came up with this layout should be fired.

    • Judy Wiggins

      I have to wonder…what were you thinking?? I’m so disappointed in how awful this website has become. Why did you feel the need to change things? Everything was great the way it was. This is like 3 giant steps (or more) backwards.

  • Alice

    Why fix it if it is not broken? This new WGN weather site is awful. I always loved to see Tom’s Facebook comments on the main page. Guess I’ll have to go to other sites.

  • Bruce

    The new website is a big disappointment, especially since the previous version was such a success. The major problem is that you cannot enlarge any of the graphics on the iPhone, as you formerly were able to do. This makes them too small to read and hence the website isn’t usable.

  • Mac

    The new website seems to be a triumph of design over functionality. It looks great, but it’s difficult to use and makes it hard to find information about the weather. The pictures and time-lapse scenes are superfluous and take up too much space. I agree with the other comments that it is a disaster on tablets and smartphones. Please redo it! The Skilling site has long been my go-to location for weather information in the Chicago area, but I’m going to have to stop using it until it’s fixed. Remember that this is a site where people go to get weather information, not to admire pretty pictures.

  • Me

    I’m really trying to like this half-abortion of a layout on the weather center, but it is unusable. I look to check the weather today, and I found buttons that change the background pic, buttons that remove all the text and silly graphs, but not one farking button that scrolls the forecast down so I can read the entirety. I look at the radar, and it’s ad-blocked in the oddest and most inconvenient manner…un-view-able if checked from a phone. I go to the blog to try and see if someone has at least summed the forecast somewhere, and the ADHD- onslaught of random articles has my head spinning.

    I’m not sure who approved this, but it might be one of the worst redesigns I’ve ever seen.

  • Owen

    I’m a big fan of Tom S, but completely agree that the new layout is a mistake. An even bigger mistake would be not fixing the mistake. I’ll check back in a few weeks. Til then there are many other weather sites more coherently organized. Alas, without Tom.

  • tac

    Absolutely awful. How does something like this happen? It was great the way it was. Cut your losses and roll back to the previous version.

  • Andrew

    Totally agree. This new design is totally un-usable on windows phone (new nokia phone), is half-broken on browser and usability is just abysmal. Whomever approved this change should not be fired immediately.

  • John

    I keep checking back once a week to see if they’ve come to their senses…seems that isn’t happening. Sorry Tom, but I have to jump ship. This new site is a mess. Unusable.

  • Matt

    The new website is clunky, hard to use and visually awkward. The blog is a mess and there are ads everywhere. I’ve been a longtime fan of Tom and his team, but this new website makes it impossible for me to follow them. It’s a real shame because they’re the best in the business.

  • Mark

    Your new website is a visual abomination that conveys very little in the way of useful information. I come to your website for information, not an interactive ADHD experience.

  • John

    Ok guys, you tried it…. It’s obviously a failure. I guess you got the message by now. Can we have the old site back?

  • Jon Wiggler

    PLEASE go back to the old site. It used to be my #1 resource for weather. It is terrible. Really really bad. We don’t want flashy graphics, we just want to weather. Can’t pull it up well on my phone. Using yahoo weather now instead…

  • Floshoe

    I used to always check Skilling’s forecast on my iPad on line. Now I can only get this, and it’s a giant mess. Unusable. Wish there were another option.

  • Mary D

    Doesn’t work on my IPhone, unable to view viewer submitted photos.
    Doesn’t work on my computer, unable to scroll up or down. What is going on with this website and APP?? Terrible!! Only thing coming thru with no issues is the adds. UNUSUABLE!!

  • Corneilius Libowitz

    Totally agree with everyone—the “new look” totally sucks..really sucks. The website used to look great on my iMac, and now it’s just a pile of garbage. What’s with not being able to even scroll up or down??? This abomination happened nearly six months ago, and it’s still in existence…. Fire the moron that designed the new format and go back to the old format NOW!!!!!!!!!

    • Corneilius Libowitz

      I for got to mention, when Wunderground went to a new and “improved” format a couple years ago, it was a similar situation: a perfectly good and easy to navigate weather website changed to a flashy pile of junk. IMO, they made a big mistake changing the format, EXCEPT, they at least had the common sense to still support the “classic” version, which is still up to this day, and thus, my go-to weather site. So, if WGN feels they *must* keep this terrible new version, they should at least give us, the users, the option of accessing the “classic” version, like Wunderground did.

  • T.J.

    Hi WGN-
    Your new weather site stinks!!! It’s impossible to navigate, horrible to figure out, info is not good/ precise and easy to read like the past few years-
    I love WGN and watch Tom Skilling every afternoon and evening, and used to log onto your site to track weather, especially snowfall- but since you changed the site, frankly, it’s just terrible- I stay away from it now- please go back to your old site!!! We all love WGN and Tom Skilling- but myself and everyone who uses the site can stand the new format- Please!!! please go back – it’s terrible- and the Blog section I used to love reading from all your forecasters- now, it stinks, and is impossible to read, navigate- please change it back-
    Happy new year-!

    • Josh

      To anyone at WGN monitoring this thread. This website is REALLY bad. You have the most trusted and well known meteorologist in the city and publish his forecasts on one of the worst websites I have ever seen.

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