5 injured in horse-drawn carriage accident

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Five people were injured when a horse-drawn carriage and an SUV collided in the Fulton River District neighborhood.

The accident occurred at West Grand Avenue and North Desplaines Street just before 11:00 pm, according to Chicago Police.

Four children who were riding in the SUV, ages  one, four, six and 10 were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where they were treated and released.

A 25-year-old woman who was driving the horse-drawn carriage was also taken to Northwestern and later released.

There were no passengers in the carriage.

No citations or charges are expected to be issued according to Chicago Police.

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  • Sherrie

    The horses that you see carrying passengers around Chicago are locked up in a warehouse near Ashland and Hubbard Street. No air conditioning appears to be available to them and if you peek inside they look very sad.

  • anonymous

    The horse is fine and the driver of the carriage who is a close friend has 2 broken wrists and broken ribs all because of the careless driver of the SUV!!! Who actually tried to leave the scene of the accident as soon as he hit and flipped the carriage but multiple witnesses stopped him, they also did not have any insurance!! what i would like to know is why the driver of the SUV is getting away scott free and did not receive any tickets or charges, because of him the carriage driver will be out of work for awhile and will not be able to make a living as this was her only job to pay the bills. Also to the comment about how the horses are kept in the stables, Horses do not require air-conditioning it actually will make them sick and cause pneumonia going from hot to cold daily they are all individually supplied with Fans and plentiful water and are all taken care of quite well and are rotated often to a very large farm outside of the city for a break from work and are happy, healthy and very spoiled.

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