POLL: CTU President Karen Lewis ahead of Emanuel if she chooses to run for mayor

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Mayor Emanuel puts spin on new anti-violence strategy in Chicago

A new poll suggests, Mayor Rahm Emanuel may have a difficult time getting re-elected.

According to the Sun-Times, an automated phone survey of Chicago voters gives Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis a 9 % lead over Emanuel, should she choose to run.

The mayor trails among white and black voters, but leads among Hispanic voters.

The same poll suggests, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is an even more dramatic 24 points ahead of Emanuel, though she hasn’t declared her candidacy either.

The pollsters note that the results are just a snapshot in time, and that Emanuel could still be re-elected next February.

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  • Neither one eould be my choice

    I agree with a previous post, either Emanuel or Lewis would be like asking for the coffin maker to put the finals nails in the coffins before sale.
    Chicago needs a true professional. Now I know I probably will catch some slack for the next recommendation from somebody, because not everybody is happy a the time but here it is.

    TOM DART for Mayor, Why? Because I believe since he has had to deal with Cook counties endless debt while trying to keep the county jail going along with his vast knowledge of the criminal element in Chicago.
    So there I said it, he is someone that knows how to operate on a tight financial budget and he knows how to deal with these low life criminals.
    So dont reply saying how awful the count jail is, you work with what you have and make the best of it.
    So Mr. Dart will you consider it?

  • Steve Mc

    What this poll really indicates is that people living in Chicago want to fire Rahm. With higher taxes and fees… rampant crime and reduced law enforcement… closed schools and underfunding of education… and, of course, the never ending corruption and cronyism, why would we want to keep him?

  • Chris

    I am a member of the Democratic party, but I can say without a doubt that Chicago needs to elect a Republican mayor before we end up like Detroit. I hate to admit it, but the Republicans are much better at local politics and running cities than Democrats are.

  • Mike

    Karen Lewis? You’ve got to be joking. To do what, drain every dime from taxpayers to shove to her union cronies, and raise taxes further to do so?

    I think Red-Light-Cam-Rahm is an a$$ of the highest order but he looks like a genius next to the partisan hack that is Karen Lewis.

    I have to wonder what is wrong with the thinking process of the Chicago voters, although I guess it could be that they were educated in Chicago schools.

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