Charges filed after 4 officers hurt while breaking up fight near Montrose Beach

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Efrain Saucedo (left), Emmanuel Lopez (right) (Chicago Police photos / July 14, 2014)

Efrain Saucedo (left), Emmanuel Lopez (right) (Chicago Police photos / July 14, 2014)

Five people are facing charges following a melee in the 4400 block of North Simonds near Montrose Beach Sunday night.

Efrain Saucedo, 23, and Emmanuel Lopez, 19, both of Aurora, were each charged with felony aggravated battery, police said.

Saucedo and Lopez were observed throwing bottles that struck two officers as they responded to the disturbance, police said.

One officer was taken to Weiss Memorial Hospital and later released, while another police officer was treated at the scene.  Police say two other officers were hit by debris but refused treatment.

Also arrested were a 19-year-old Summit man and a 22-year-old Aurora man who were charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault to a police officer and misdemeanor mob action, police said.  A 17-year-old boy from Chicago was also arrested and charged with misdemeanor mob action and felony criminal damage to property, police said.

On Monday morning, garbage and debris could still be seen this morning scattered across the area. Crews arrived around 6:30 a.m. to pick it all up, and neighbors were shocked to see the mess.

"It doesn't make sense. It's disgusting," said Nelson White. "And they just flung things everywhere here, and there are empty garbage cans around. There's no reason for this."

The initial fight started at a party that was promoted on social media.

Police officers responded, but then some within the crowd turned on them and started throwing bottles, cans, and rocks.

Officers left the scene to regroup and then returned to sweep the crowd out before they closed the beach.

The Chicago Tribune contributed to this report.

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  • Old School

    Back in the day. You tried not to draw attention to yourself and life was gennerally alot kinder to you and your friends. Those who caused all kinds of trouble, went to jail or ended up dead
    most of the time.
    Police generally didn’t mess with you too much if you showed respect and didn’t act the fool all day, every day.
    Now these drug dealers, gang bangers have no respect not even for their own. Thats sad, thats a sign of a lack of leadership, thats a sign of no respect for their own. Now we need more police, social workers, & neighbors helping neighbors.
    However Mr Mayor it is so bad now your own inner circle of alderman are walking down the street during running gun battles.
    I have something that might make a difference.
    Back in the day. When a certain group/gang got out of control the police made it very difficult for their leaders and their day to day business.
    Why don’t you call in the state police like the governor offered to the city over 2 weeks ago you could have.
    Start with wide gang sweeps & cracking down on the leaders of these gangs and their drugs and money making business’.
    If you make it hard for them to make money and hard for them to walk around and act the fool, start locking them up more I would wager they would get the message,
    that it is the people of Chicago who run the city not them and their stooges.

    • old lady

      You are so right , the old school way is the best way. We need to build a prison a mile wide to lock their butts up until they are too old to cause anymore trouble. If those parents bailed out their sons, they are just enabling them and encouraging them to act like animals again.

    • lg

      Old school way won’t work because there is no leadership with most gangs anymore, it all splintered off. No single leader controls the big group. It’s a much more spread out and widespread problem.

  • Allen

    That’s the same garbage they leave in that park every weekend. Garbage cans everywhere…but no one seems to care.

  • Jon Anthony

    Funny….whenever I see the headlines containing “..melee…” or “Chuck E Cheese..”…or “..throwing feces…” I immediately think politically incorrect things….is this normal??

  • OldSchool7

    Old school all the way! These animals today have no respect for authority. Let’s go back to the day of the original Mayor Daley and Burge. Police can’t even be police anymore because they are afraid they will be personally sued and CPD doesn’t back them. We are living in a generation of entitlement and unaccountability! The inmates are running the asylum. It’s time we take back control.

  • arubatom

    I suppose in one respect, the morons being charged were not from Chicago, with the exception of one of them. I hope they get charged accordingly…throwing bottles can not only injure people, but also kill them if hit in the head. Time to give thugs like this some heavy duty prison time.

  • Guest

    THE CITY HAS A LOT TO ANSWER FOR… I was at Montrose Beach last night (not at this concert). I saw the WGN report this morning about this “Tamborazo Beach Party”/concert. It was a very strange experience last night… having thousands of peaceful people along the lakefront being evacuated with scores of police, dozens of police vehicles, a police helicopter and police ATVs… there were police there from as far as O’Hare… this was a HUGE and expensive response. They closed the restaurant at the Montrose Beach House and made the professional band stop playing to evacuate. Now, I’m not saying it was unnecessary at that moment… what I’m questioning is whether this all could have been AVOIDED. Since I experienced this evacuation last night, and it was sad and disturbing to see so many children end their family day at the park with a police evacuation, I was curious. After hearing the WGN morning news story, I did a quick search on this “Tamborazo” event.

    Here’s the link I found.

    Apparently, this reportedly “illegal” event has been going on for at least 10 years so obviously it’s grown in size. It looks like there were 14 bands scheduled!!! This link states that the first band starts at noon, they’ll “be hosting the World Cup Final”, and it’s BYOB. NOW… IF THERE WAS NO PERMIT AND IT WAS AN ILLEGAL EVENT, THEN WHY DID THE POLICE ALLOW THE FIRST BAND TO PERFORM????????????? Think about it… they allowed 14 bands to perform and people to drink all day from noon to 7:30 pm at an illegal gathering that should have required its own security if it had been legal. If they had enforced the law BEFORE these people got drunk… it would have saved the city thousands of dollars and not drawn resources away from the neighborhoods.

    I’m not blaming the cops… I’m blaming the city… CAMERAS are no substitute for humans. Everybody knows the police department is understaffed. Humans have been replaced with cameras (especially traffic cameras because they generate so much cash). Well, cameras can’t check permits and stop an illegal event from taking place. When the city understaffs the police department, this is the type of COSTLY and UNNECESSARY extreme situation that the mayor and city council should expect. But, now that he’s in the business of building hotels with city TIF money, I doubt he would notice. I wonder how many jobs those hundreds of millions of dollars spent on hotels and DePaul’s stadium would have provided.

    And… SHAME on all of the local news media who don’t question why TIF money is being spent on private ventures. “It’s for tourism”… seriously? Like we need another hotel downtown? Ask the dozens of other downtown hotels if they are filled to capacity every single night! But, more importantly, since when in the history of this city have we been in the hotel business??? It might seem like this is off-topic… but it’s all related. WGN… your reporters need to start doing old-fashioned investigative reporting and ask tough questions instead of just repeating the nonsense coming out of city hall.

  • Dick Beninya

    When I were you the last thing you wanted to did was mess with the PoPo. They would straight up kick your ass and we was better off for it!

    • JC

      At least personal beliefs don’t rob, shoot, assault people the way the above mentioned groups do, at least in numbers much higher than other groups, especially when compared to their over population percentage.


    Your comment must make you feel like a bad ass. What do you say to The Whites That invaded here….????? Acting like Animals killing Indians raping their women and daughters…. Yes I’m pretty sure you feel like a bad ass. This incident was wrong but there is no need for racism.

    • JC

      Nice try but those two things aren’t comparable. Europeans didn’t “invade”, unless you care to show me international borders and immigration laws in the land we now know as America. Nice deflection attempt though, how very typically liberal of you.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Maybe it is time to ban glass containers from the city. Also, charge vehicles to enter the city parks, and ban the use of grills for cooking in the park. I bike through Montrose Beach every weekend and the amount of garbage is unbelievable. Glass all over the pier. Maybe simple changes like these would deter people to come to the lake / city for mischief.
    Grills and BBQs damage the green areas. Bottles are shattered against the pier which leaves glass everywhere.
    and charge to bring your car to the pier, people will think twice before hauling all that crap into the city parks.
    Also, the weekend of 4th of July, specifically on July 4th, I did not see one police officer in Montrose beach.

    • City Resident

      I agree that we need more police. But, there’s no way to enforce a ban on glass. If they don’t have enough people to check large gatherings for permits, how would they ticket thousands for glass? Or do you expect people and cars to be searched? That’s not going to happen. However, if you want to talk about garbage, then let’s increase the service. Every weekend at the lake there are bags tied up that are placed next to the cans because there just aren’t enough of them. There is also overflowing garbage throughout the city because there are very few city garbage cans compared to years ago. So maybe they need to increase garbage service.

      Chicago’s Lakefront is to remain “Forever Open, Clear, and Free”; that is the promise set forth in 1836 and people have fought for that to remain true for the past 178 years. It is a shame that the park district has bowed to class separation: pools in yuppie neighborhoods charge fees (eg. Wells Park). That’s not in keeping with the spirit of Chicago. Public parks are to be open to ALL people, for free; not only to those who can afford pool fees or paid parking. That goes against the spirit of Chicago. The lakefront could have been private, but we can thank some great Chicagoans like Daniel Burnham, Aaron Montgomery Ward, and even Maria “Ma” Streeter and her husband “Cap”, along with many others over the years who fought, and continue to fight, for our parks. The lakefront is for everyone.

  • Tom

    If you are going to have a riot, then at least stand for something. rally against the government not each other. the more the community fights each other, the weaker we get against government greedy and hypocrisy.
    “Fight the power”. Don’t fight each other. At least make sure they are border customs agents, politicians or crappy journalists if you are going to hit them.

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