Deportation of illegal immigrants will begin this week

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The Department of Homeland Security says deportations will begin this week for the illegal immigrants, many of them children, pouring over the border.

Most of them will eventually be sent home.

In the last nine months, more than 57,000 people have crossed the border, and another 30,000 are believed on the way from several central American countries.

The government is trying to deal with a looming humanitarian crisis, while sending the message that undocumented aliens are not welcome.

The President has asked for three point seven billion dollars to deal with the immediate crisis.

But House Republicans refuse to fund a short term fix without long term immigration reform.

Senator John McCain says Central American parents will only stop sending their children to the U.S. if they see they are wasting their money when the children are sent back.

Republicans are hoping to pass a new border security bill before next month.

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  • Illegal

    The border issue is far worse then the main stream media is portraying. Please watch a documentary called “We Come to America” by Dennis Michael Lynch. My area has become so over populated within the last few years that the high school now teaches English as a second language. The school newsletter only comes in Spanish. The American people that live in the area commute our children to schools out of the district so our children can attend an English as a first language school.

    I think there is a big misconception that the majority of illegal immigrants are working in the fields. They are not! Many of them have good jobs, making well above minimum wage. They are buying houses, purchasing on credit and declaring bankruptcy, getting income tax refunds for their illegal children, claiming false dependents, not to mention collecting food and medical welfare benefits.

    I know this because I married one and know what him and his family did!

  • Ralph Spyer

    thousand of people are waiting in line to become legal United States citizens what do you tell them that the DACA come first ? If 800,000 DACA pay twenty thousand dollars that would give the president his 18 billion dollars to build our wall. Regan and the democrats cut a deal years ago : the U.S allowed 3million illegals to become citizens for border security well 13 million crossed our Mexico since then . BUILD THE WALL

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