Mom: Cops made me leave Brad Paisley concert for breastfeeding

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Police escorted a Navy wife from a Brad Paisley concert at Sleep Train Amphitheatre Thursday night because they said she was endangering her baby by being in the “pit” area.

Megan Christopherson recorded the interaction between her and at least three Chula Vista police officers and posted the video to YouTube.

The video shows officers asking her to leave the pit area of the concert with them. When she asks why, one of the officers tells her that she is putting her baby in danger because of the loud music and the possibility that the baby could be crushed if the crowd surges forward toward the stage. The officer explains that they consulted the District Attorney’s Office before approaching her and were told that bringing a baby to the pit area of a concert constituted borderline felony child endangerment.

Christopherson suggested that the real reason they were asking her to leave was because she had been breastfeeding the baby early, but the officer denied that, saying that their only concern was for her baby’s safety.

The officers told Christopherson that she could be seated in a safer area to watch the concert or leave the concert and get a refund. Christopherson opted for the refund.

As the woman was lead out of the venue, both she and her older daughter, who appeared to be about 10 years old, burst into tears.

Christopherson said that her husband is in the Navy. She repeatedly asked the officers for proof that noise levels in the pit area posed a danger to her baby. At one point during the interaction, an officer threatened to refer the case to San Diego County Child Protective Services. He also said that if she had refused to leave the pit with the baby, she would have been placed under arrest.

The Chula Vista Police Department released a statement Friday about the incident which was consistent with the events shown in YouTube video.

“The Chula Vista Police Department’s involvement in the incident was due to the welfare and safety of the infant and not due to a mother’s legal right to breastfeed in public,” the statement concluded.
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  • Mike

    What a stupid parent. The cops were correct. She should never have been allowed that close to the stage in the first place. She’s just trying to blame the police for her poor parenting skills. Unless the kids had headphones on their hearing will be damaged..

  • mmazzi

    The police were absolutely correct. Her video proved her own ignorance. It is sad that so many unintelligent people breed.

  • ray

    Smh. 2 children in the pit of a concert, unbelievable. I back the cops 1000% her husband is in the navy, wait till he gets home unless breed just as stupid as her. Developing ears being subjected to loud music for extended periods of time. Not to mention the danger of being in a pit. And her 10 yr old. Get a sitter, if you can’t afford one, maybe don’t waste money on tickets

  • Carrie

    Who brings a baby to a concert and goes into the “pit”. AND, then wants to breastfeed? Wow, what a bunch of weirdos. Commonsense and decent: 0. Lunacy: 1.

  • Carrie

    I’m waiting for the breastfeeding advocates to say something. Oh, where are you? Still sleeping? Or, breastfeeding somewhere in public to draw attention to yourself and get on the news. Pathetic. I have an idea. Get a job. Oh, a real job, not just being a cow for your offspring.

  • Brian Schnoor

    Women show their breasts at concerts all the time. I don’t think the breastfeeding was the issue. Having the kids in danger is the problem. She should form a relationship with the local police now, if she parents with this level of selfishness and stupidity like this from here on out, they’re gong to be a recurring element of her and her kids’ lives.

  • jennifer

    I’m all for taking your baby places but if you wanted to take a baby to a concert I think no matter where you are sitting the baby needed hearing protection and really it wasn’t about breast feeding at all not once did the cops say anything about it. He was concerned for the baby end of story…the video made her look like a complete idiot…plus if she wanted to know who the attorney was then then a file should have been made to go through the proper channels they had no problem giving their badge numbers but she was mad when they askedfor her id…people really need to stop and think!

  • Scott

    Totally for the cops here…she’s an idiot on so many levels…and hats off to them for the professionalism…at least someone is looking after the interest of the child… #failedmother

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