9 charged in melee at Montrose Beach

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10 people are now in custody, nine of them charged, in the melee at Montrose Beach that injured four police officers Sunday.

A video posted online shot on a spectator’s cell phone shows two men beating each other up around 7:30p.m. As the crowd mingles nearby, a second fight breaks out.

Many bystanders have their cell phones drawn and recordings are underway.

Chicago police were dispatched to break up the mass gathering of music with alcohol and no permits.

About six officers entered the crowd slowly only when a call for "man with a gun" went out and set off a mad search.

The crowd responded with bottles, rocks, and other objects injuring four officers.

Police called in reinforcements.

In the end, no guns were found, arrests were made, the crowd dispersed and the park was trashed. Chicago police superintendent Gary McCarthy said he was frustrated the story received so much attention when lives were lost in other areas of the city on the very same night.

We had people who died over the weekend, and a disturbance at a park is something that we'll fix moving forward, no two ways about it. But we have a problem here, and I'd like to bring attention to it,” he said.

In the fallout from the Montrose Beach melee, nine  were criminally charged, two with felonies for aggravated battery to a police officer. The two men, Efrain Saucedo, 23, and Emmanuel Lopez, 19, were seen throwing bottles that struck two officers as they responded to the disturbance, police said.

A third suspect, a Chicago juvenile, 17, was also charged with felony criminal damage to property. Two others were charged with misdemeanors.

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  • Frustrated?

    Chief McCarthy we have been frustrated all summer about the violence.
    Please focus on the larger issue at hand, not enough Police. I understand the Mayor and you want more gun laws, however the facts are it is not the law abiding gun owners who are committing these acts of violence.
    Until you are ready to ask for outside law enforcements help, all you are doing is giving these gang and drug leaders a green light to do what they want.
    They know the city and the Mayor wants more gun laws and they dont care because they all have guns anyway and guees what?
    They don’t have fire arm cards or conceal carry cards because they operate outside the law.
    I really hope you help get your police officers the extra man power on the streets so they and us will be safer.

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