3 dead, dozens wounded in violent weekend

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Three people were killed and dozens wounded in another violent weekend in Chicago .

21 people were injured in separate shootings between Saturday and early Sunday.

Among those killed was 28-year-old William Lewis. Lewis was in 1300 block of West Devon Avenue Saturday afternoon when a man walked up to him and started firing shots, police said. Lewis was hit in the back and died within an hour at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston.

The shooter fled the scene on foot, police said.


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  • Tikka

    SHAME ON WGN NEWS! It’s been a full week since a historically newsworthy event took place with NOT ONE STORY on the air. The first Chicago man with a concealed carry permit actually stopped an active shooter in the act!! An armed thug started blazing away and the armed citizen shot him, stopped him and saved the group of people being shot at. The thug is now behind bars, while most of the other 4th of July weekend Chicago shooters are still out loose. Is WGN a news channel or not? Since they won’t report important news, then here’s a link to the Chicago Tribune storywww.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-military-member-concealed-carry-shoots-attacker-

  • mbarney

    When will this violence end? I have spent a year in Dallas, Tx and as soon as i came back to this city, there were 84 shootings and 15 dead. This city is a warzone and it got national attention, not only that, but my cousin who lives in Dallas has seen all of that on their news station in Dallas. Stop the madness.

  • Susan

    Bring in the National Guard. This is no longer a city to be proud of. It is a war zone and the only way decent, law-abiding citizens can deal with the terror that is being wrought on our streets is to impose martial law with strict curfew enforcement. Man, old hippie I am, I never thought I would be saying anything like this. Time for law-abiding citizens to rise up and claim their rights against this violent element

  • marisao


  • mbarney

    I am proud to be in this city, minus the street violence. I was born here, grew up here, went to public school in the Chicago area, and graduated from a Chicago high school, worked he in the Main Post Office in Chicago area in the late 1980s, and have relatives in this area, which is looked as in the bible “Sodom and Gomorrah. this is the home of rappers Kanye West, Common, and RnB singer R Kelly, and will these brothers will come home to this city to do a song for the city street violence that we are having here.

  • Time To Move From The City

    Time has come to move out of the war zone.
    Dupage County or Will County sound good to me.
    For what Chicago charges in taxes and housing I can move to the above counties easily and have better services and schools.
    Lets be real, Chicago is a battle zone. Alot of people are scared and it is not safe.
    I have lived in the city for 30 years and there was always something going on, however people generally would call the police if they saw criminal activity, now they hide and try to ignore the problem. I don’t blame them.
    It used to be the criminal element hid in the shadows & feared their Mayor and police.
    Now there are not enough police and the mayor only talks & talks about stopping the violence and does nothing concrete to fix the problem.
    The mayor has the govenors offer sitting on the table for the last 2 weeks to call in the state police to help limit the violence and he does nothing but smile on tv, WTF what a joke.
    The mayor should be held accountable going forward in a court of law for any additional violence resulting in injury and death.

    • ismael

      Please I beg of You do not move to these counties. We have super high taxes and fees. Please stay in the city. We love our peacefulness and virtually no crime. If someone from Chicago moves in there goes the neighborhood.

      • Ismael why not?

        Ismael that is not neighborly?

        1st off I have reasearched median home income prices and taxes in Will and Dupage counties and $ for $ they are very similiar to Chicago and Crook county.
        2nd of all DuPage and Will do have daily crime but their police are higher paid and they have neighboring police resources where Chicago refuses to ask.
        So Ismael I will be moving my family and telling my friends and neighbors to do the same, Chicago is just NOT SAFE for families.
        Now Ismael if you would care to list your town or village I would like to check the amnetities out and would consider moving there if the neighborhood is as safe as you say?

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