FAIL: Anchor calls out psychic when she gets reading completely wrong

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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  • Pleasant

    If they didn’t believe it out the gate, then why dd they even bother? Way to waste everyone’s time to make yourself feel good.

    • Mallemattias

      It only works if you believe in it? I guess “believe” is “ignore the 98% that the psychic gets wrong and focus on the one lycky guess”.

  • M Tantin

    Her “readings” are so idiotic, she throws around numbers and letters, surely some stick, most don’t, you have to be pretty naïve to buy into this crap !

  • fancyanna330

    It’s a shame that the fake people make it on camera and such while real ones quietly help people day in and day out. A real psychic doesn’t need to “prove” themselves, they just do what they are supposed to do.

    • Mike

      There are no real psychics. Period. It’s ALL a parlor trick. If you believe otherwise, you are not being skeptical enough.

    • Someone

      She was brought on TV to be exposed as a fraud. There are no real Psychics you freak. Stop drinking. Real psychics “my ass”. And to actually think you morons still believe in that shite is nothing but appalling and an insult to intelligence.

    • mmazzi

      Yes, this woman was terrible. Where did they find her? It did almost seem like a “setup” to put someone like her on the news when there are truly gifted people available. Putting someone legitimate on would have been much more interesting. There are definitely scammers out there using cold-reading tricks. There are also sincere people just beginning to tap into their intuitive abilities who prematurely start trying to make money. It’s unethical for them to present themselves as “professional readers” since they have not yet sufficiently honed their skills. But, to paint all “intuitives” with the broad brush of “scammer” is closed-minded. I’ve done some readings for fun. I don’t need rude people calling me an idiot… I can criticize your beliefs, too… let’s all be kind and civil online. But, I’ll tell you, I’ve had a legitimate medium say things that were absolutely impossible for her to know. I’m an educated woman who is skeptical enough to avoid providing any information that would allow a cold reader to succeed, and analytical enough to figure out if someone was guessing.

      In the past few years, my experiences during and after the death of loved ones have proven to me that the afterlife I once believed in “conceptually” (because of my Catholic education) actually does exist. There’s a great book entitled “Final Gifts” written by a couple of longtime hospice nurses (Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley) that shares some of the common experiences of the transition/dying process. I read it after the extraordinary experience I had during my mother’s passing. Rather than being depressing, these short stories actually were uplifting. The book helped me understand the common threads in the dying process. This in turn helped me to be more in tune during the final days of my brother and two lifelong friends’ lives. (I highly recommend this book for anyone with elderly parents or loved ones who are terminally ill.) It is actually rather comforting to know there is an afterlife. I went from having a conceptual belief (because it’s what religion teaches) to having a personal knowledge. It means nothing to me whether you believe it or not. I’m just sharing my experience.

      Having a local medium relay messages from loved ones with details that are absolutely impossible for her to have guessed was actually rather comforting. Although there were serious parts of the message, I also laughed so hard because my parents and grandmother conveyed personal family jokes that this women could never have guessed in a million years. Haters can doubt all you want… it doesn’t make you right… it just means you have never experienced a reading by a truly gifted person. Seriously, doubters, open your minds a little… and I mean this with all due respect: “don’t be scared” (because if you’re truly honest with yourselves, you just might find that your vehement opposition to “the possibilities” may stem from a deap-seated, even sub-conscious, fear of the unknown). Let it go… open up… it’s amazing.

      • Christine Laing

        Physics (especially the ones that are willfully deceptive) use a variety of techniques to confuse people into believing they’ve been told something they haven’t, or told something that the psychic couldn’t possibly know when in fact it’s on their credit report or their Facebook page. A review of the tape of this conversation (if one exists) by your local skeptics group might be a real surprise to you. In the meantime, there’s not a psychic on the planet that has passed a simple test when there are controls against cheating. That’s zero. Not one. None in the whole history of mankind. If you really, really mean what you are saying, try to convince this psychic to come along with you to the skeptic’s meeting for some testing. Whether she goes or not, you’ll learn something.

      • mmazzi

        Christine, your response is incredibly condescending. You are vehemently closed-minded on this subject and therefore, in your mind, you have to paint me as an idiot only to fit into your paradigm. The comment about Facebook and credit reports is irrelevant since I met her on the spot… no appointment or background info, not even my last name. I address all of your other points in my original comment, so I’m not going to repeat these statements. But, the part of your comment that indicates the box you’ve painted yourself into is “…there’s not a psychic on the planet that has passed a simple test when there are controls against cheating. That’s zero. Not one. None in the whole history of mankind.” Wow… “in the whole history of mankind”… who on earth can make such a complete and sweeping statement about ANYTHING? To say that you KNOW the experience of EACH and EVERY human in the history of the world is bizarre. End of story. I’m truly sorry if you were duped by a scammer. The only other explanation I can guess about why you are so extreme in your position is deep-seated fear. You can hang on to that if you choose, or you can let it go which I truly believe is healthier. Either way, I wish you well.

      • Brian

        The appropriate response here would have been to offer actual evidence.
        A) A claim is made.
        B) Has sufficient evidence for the claim been presented?: No
        C) The claim is rejected until sufficient evidence is provided.
        The above doesn’t indicate close-mindedness, it demonstrates an understanding of epistemology and rational thought. Christine says she is unaware of any evidence sufficient to justify paranormal claims. She isn’t wrong until you meet the burden of proof by providing that evidence.

  • Kevin Folta

    Thank you. These scam artists use ancient cold reading tricks to dupe the credulous. Unfortunately, they prey upon the poor and the uninformed, and make their situations worse. Go Randi.

  • Brian

    Excellent! I’m so pleased to see a rational assessment of a paranormal claim rather than the typical sensationalism and exploitation perpetrated by the media. May I suggest you next address diet supplements, beauty products, homeopathic remedies, anti-vaccination sentiments, etc.? It would make for a captivating weekly segment.

  • Richard Miller

    A psychic told my friend he was going to Spain the following year, and that she also saw me on a beach in Florida walking with someone. Both predictions were laughable. Then, my friend indeed got sent to Spain on business, and I ended up on a beach in Florida, walking with a friend.

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