Rev. Jackson on recent violence: Chicago deserves better

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The string of gun violence that began over the Fourth of July weekend is not letting up.

Community activists on the far South Side, including the Reverend Jesse Jackson say Chicagoans deserve better.

The extraordinary number of murders and people wounded that residents are calling for a new approach in dealing with the violence.

Jackson points out that in communities where violence has been occurring, 50 schools have been closed, businesses are leaving, and public housing has been dismantled.

He also says drugs and guns are easily accessible and unemployment is at 35% in some areas on the West and South sides of the city.

Jackson says if the federal government can find $4 billion to deal with the problem of illegal immigration, then $2 billion should be allocated for Chicago.

Operation Push will announce the beginning of mass demonstrations this weekend to call attention to the problems on the South and West sides of Chicago.


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  • What You Talking About Jesse

    Maybe Mr Jesse Jackson
    you need to get to walking the city streets more often. When your out there maybe you can try to convince all the troubled youth to regrain from violence and drugs.
    As for Me I Say Bring In The State Police and auS Marshall’s and lets start cleaning house.

  • arubatom

    So JJ is once again looking to have taxpayer money thrown at a problem. Maybe he should address the disintegration of the black family…how about addressing accountability by the people themselves. Always looking for handouts….nothing new with JJ…once the photo ops stop, he’ll crawl back in the woodwork. Face it JJ…how many years and how many government program handouts have you “worked” on this problem?? Maybe the taxpayer money should be spent on Navy SEALS saturating the area, and disposing of the gang bangers, drug dealers, thugs robbing, instead of working, etc.

  • jen

    My family and i came down to Chicago for the 4th. We have been to Chicago many times over the years. Never have i really felt unsafe. Well i was blown away by so many things we will never be back until something changes. The way some of these young kids act and carry themselves is so sad. No sense of self worth. We watched 2 fights and 2 almost near fights. One was in line at McDonalds at Navy Pier with a grown man and about a 13/15 year old young man. I could not believe the way this child was acting. He wanted to fight this grown man saying he was a man. All in front of all these families and kids. The man was just that a MAN. He handled himself in a very mature manner. He knew one hit would knock the kid out. I am sure he wanted to as i wanted to for him. It was not just him. Everywhere went rude disrespectful young punks. Not to mention the gun shots that went off near us while walking to our parking garage on Illi ois. Navy Pier sucked. Made our visit probably one of our last for a very long time. I agree there is a sense of entitlement in many of these people that are committing these crimes. How do you teach morals, work ethic and values to these people? I do think JJ had a point about the schools being shut down. Even though the family structure in most of these individuals is broken, so is their education system. Sad part is that is like the last effort in prosperity versus poverty. Honestly in that aspect has failed them so what do you get pure ignorance hence no morals, values, or work ethic. Hence the sense of entitlement. What is so sad is the people in between trying to earn a living and trying to raise their kids right. Nearly impossible for those kids not to get sucked it. Until some goverment agency wants to come in and put a can of whoop ass on these young punks it will continue. As long as education is broken it will continue. With the continuance of that comes the poverty and then the violence. So sad!!!

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