Police seek suspect in fatal shooting of mother on Chicago expressway

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Police are searching for the suspect in the fatal shooting of a woman on a Chicago expressway this morning.

24-year-old Jasmine Curry, a pregnant mother of 5, was shot in the head while riding in a minivan on the Dan Ryan.

State police say Curry was driving southbound with two others between 55th and 59th Street exit when shots were fired  at around 4 a.m. Curry was shot in the head.

Police believe the fatal shots came from a silver dodge intrepid. A woman in the van  waited with Curry until police arrived. But a man in the van ran away on foot.

The Dan Ryan was closed for roughly 7 hours while police investigated.

Family members gathered by the highway, grieving the loss and searching for answers this afternoon.

They say they do not know where Curry was driving. But she previously lived near the scene of the shooting.

Her brother Pierce Curry was shot and killed just blocks away from today’s shooting in August of last year.

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  • Snow G

    Go to 1994 and back, look at the murder rate and violence in Chicago, nothing like it is now, the Government indicted all the Gang Chiefs and you have no structure ladies and gents. Welcome too Chiraq..

  • Msjes

    Sad that this young woman was murdered, leaving behind 5 children. Had she been home at 4AM taking care of her kids instead of riding around perhaps whoever killed her would not have gone to her home to do it.

  • Cassie

    That is what I question? Why was a mother of 5 pregnant with her 6th and only 25 years old riding around on the highway at 4am with friends and not home with her children? I just don’t get it?

  • Jellybean

    All the why wasn’t she at home, what was she doing out at 4am and pregnant with 5 other kids at home & only 25 yrs old is not going to bring her back. It is evident they were followed & ambushed. So wherever they were previously and whatever they were doing came back to haunt them. Question the friend who stayed by her side & the coward who ran off.

  • carmela

    I really dont think its a factor of her age or her having 5 babies the fact of the matter is she was murdered wether she had 5 kids or one or none somebody took her life.people really need to stop pointing fingers at the victim and help find the person who took away those kids mother and stop trying make her look bad

    • americanagain

      Carmela..like I said in my previous post. there were/are two tragedies here. I hope the killer is caught and put away for life. But really, 5 kids and one on the way and she is only 24????? Out at 4:30 am!? Her brother was killed by gun shots too. And I am just suppose to believe this women’s lifestyle shouldn’t be questioned? Sorry anybody who doesn’t question her lifestyle has their head in the sand.

      • trina

        It doesn’t matter what her life style is.No one deserve to be killed
        She could have been a prostitute.Thats not an accuse for her to lose her life.The Question is ..Who give you the right to end ones life.This not the only shooting that occurred. People are dying everyday in Chicago.All we can do is pray for peace in seen our Condolences

  • Dee

    She could of been dropping someone off at work or taking someone home. It doesn’t matter what she was doing out at 4am. The news never mention a husband,boyfriend or fiance”. But people are quick to point out negative things when you dont know her situation. If she chose to have six children and was taking care all of them with no neglect. Why should it matter at all. People are missing the big picture here. A family has lost yet another love one. Those children has lost their mother & sibling. Her spouse has lost her and his child. Stop judging when your on the outside looking in. Who are you to judge like you are so holy-holy and sanctify. Stop pointing the finger and let her family grieve. Let them investigate. Don’t nobody know what happen but the people who was in that car and the people who was shooting.

  • tra

    Have any of you stupid idiots every thought she might have been on her way to or from work !!!!???? question your own life not her’s

    • LetsBeRealForASecond

      Sorry but she definitely wasn’t on her way to or from work, her parents stated she was going out w friends for the night. Please don’t make excuse for this ratchet excuse of a mother. She should have been home with her children at 4am in the damn morning, not “turning up”. She’d probably still be among us today had she stayed her butt home.

  • Amanda

    No, her lifestyle should not be called into question. Get YOUR head out of the sand and stop being so quick to judge. You know nothing about her life or situation. It doesn’t matter her age. It doesn’t matter what time she was out in the morning. A young mother was murdered. This is the only thing that matters and it’s a real tragedy.

  • Red 4 Life

    As I have said before….have to be very careful of the company you keep. Very tragic that people suffer at the hands of company around. Why did the young male run? Why is the passenger unhurt in a bullet riddled van? Smh

  • GREG

    Never does anyone take the responsible attitude. It is someone else. When all is told, at the end of the day, the bottom line, she certainly does not belong out at 4:00am. When or if she made the commitment for 5 children, that was the commitment to put them first. I lived on the Southside for 3 years, the lack of concern for anything….. is boundless.

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