Meet ‘The Badass Breastfeeder’

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Breastfeeding in public, when to stop nursing, attachment parenting-- all topics that get people talking.

Marcus Leshock talked with Abby Theuring, better known as the ‘Badass Breastfeeder.’ Abby nurses both of her children, ages 3 weeks and 3 years old.

Her message is all about promoting nursing, especially in public.

If you'd like to join the conversation with Abby, you can get in touch with her at: or on her Facebook page: 


  • Deedra

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ABBY!!!! Anyone who thinks their opinion counts when it comes to a mother and her young has a serious God complex and needs to be slapped back into reality…

  • Codie

    Abby is awesome!!! I am glad that the majority of commenters are pro-breastfeeding in public.
    A couple things:
    1)The people who think this is a cry for attention: you are commenting anti-breastfeeding on a pro-breastfeeding video…..seems like you are the one who wants some attention.
    2)If you are a mom and posting against Abby-shame on you! If you are not a mom and commenting negatively-go home you have NO CLUE what you are talking about!
    That is all :) GO BADASSES!!!

  • Jillian

    You are beautiful Abby, thank you so much for your hard work.
    Unfortunately there is so much ignorance to wade through and cultural deprogramming to be done. Know that you havetouched so many moms and given confidence where there was none for many.
    Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing in all its forms.

  • Brittany

    Thank you Abby, love what you are doing! It will never cease to amaze me how many people make the mistake of assuming that any of us badass moms give a damn about what anyone else thinks when it comes to our children.

  • Melissa L

    People should be offended by women who are sexualizing breasts & letting them “all hang out” in everyday society, not by women using them for their intended purpose, which is to nourish their young babies/children! YOU GO Abby, I commend you & I really hope NIP will become the norm in the USA someday, like it already is in Europe! It shouldn’t be taboo!

  • DJ

    I was encouraged to PUSH ON bc of Abby while my preemie-born at 23 weeks, 1 lb was learning to nurse. She was in the NICU 7 months and didn’t latch until she was 5 mos. Now at 9 mos old she is nursing as I type this and is a pro! Now we nurse all the time and everywhere despite being told it was impossible bc she was born too early and too small! Thanks Abby!

  • amanda

    Honestly breast feeding in public live go you I would never be able to do it… and yes breast feeding is better for the BABY but seriously a child that is old enough to be potty trained walk talk and feed himself no longer needs a boob in his or her mouth it’s disgusting!!! And you’re going to say it makes them smarter blah blah blah I beg to differ I have 3 kids to which have never been breast fed due to personal choice and all three are at the top of their class or the top of the next age bracket at that point in time it’s more for the mothers selfish needs than the children’s needs

    • Vanessa

      Your comments are ignorant because you lack any experience to back them up. You chose to feed your kids your way and that’s every mother’s right. My daughter started talking at 4 months, feeding herself at 6 months, potty trained at 8 months, and walked at a year. She’s 16 months now and she still breastfeeds twice a day. I assure you it’s not for my needs. I’m pregnant and breastfeeding her makes my stomach cramp and I often throw up. She still wants to breastfeed though and experts say it’s good for her brain development. Even formula companies have caught on and are making formula for after 1 year old. People could judge you and say maybe your kids would be ahead instead of just at the top of their class if you breastfed. See? It’s not nice to judge. Teach that to your kids.

    • tory

      I still nurse my almost 2 year old. I am not sure in what way I am being selfish. He is nursing right now when i need to do other things…
      I don’t say anything about you choosing to give your children formula, yet we are disgusting for breastfeeding a toddler. My son walked around 10 months, he was using the toilet at 7 months.. so he should switch to cow milk? I don’t think so. Breast is best until one or both of us decide to stop. What IS disgusting is when people like you are rude and judgemental to other moms who are just doing what is best for their children

    • Hope

      So im guessing once your children could walk, talk and potty train you took formula or milk away?

    • natalia olorteguin

      Please who is the selfish one… You choose to give your kids crap in a can.. you choose an inferior food for your kids.

    • SarahG

      Other mothers breastfeeding their toddlers in no way detracts from your decision to not breastfeed. You are a good mom for doing what is right for you and your family so why is it wrong for breastfeeding moms to do what is right for their family? You should be supporting the choice so that there is a choice to make. And quite frankly society needs to stop sexualizing women and breasts to the extent that we actually have to defend breastfeeding as a choice.

  • NoNonsenseMama

    Anyone who thinks breastfeeding a toddler is selfish or somehow personally satisfying has obviously never breastfed a toddler. There is hardly anything too enjoyable about that except being able to calm a tear, comfort after a bad dream, or watch them look just as they did when they were a bitty babe. Toddlers start to develop a lazy latch as they start to wean on their own and it is hardly comfortable.

  • Bren

    My oldest is now in his 40s. The only “picture” I had of a breastfeeding mom was an older cousin and a lady at church who hid under a hankerchief. I’m glad I decided to breastfeed all 3 of mine. And I hope eventually it will be the norm. Go, Abby!

    • Brandy

      Why in the world would a child get picked on for still nursing? He’s 3 you nimrod. I’m still proudly nursing my 2 year old until he is ready to wean!

    • jim calleja

      By your kid i get picked on for not conformimg to presures of sociaty,thats the kind of kid we are yourself.

    • SarahG

      So fear of being bullied should keep people from breastfeeding aka nourishing their children in the manner our bodies were designed to do.? So you decide that you are going to contribute by bullying women …. Excellent contribution. Stellar role model for children.

  • haley sinagel

    your right about everything but not breast feeding, breast feeding does more than develope the brain better, BUT that doesnt mean you need to whip your tits out for everyone to see, if your child is hungry take it to the bath room or sit in your car its your right ro breast feed but have some courtesy and decency for others IMO moms who dothis are just like the attention seeking sluts who have their tits hanging out, BTW have any of you heard of a breast pump ? there are options women stop being self rightous twats

    • Tina Cisco

      This is so disrespectful. 1. do you eat in the bathroom? 2. breast pumps are for mothers to provide milk for their babies when they are separated. not to spare you the traumatizing event of seing a mother and baby bond in the most beautiful and natural way possible.

    • jim calleja

      Haley breath,live and stop being concerned about what other think,moms likeAbby go to battle for there children.go Abby go

    • Haley Renee

      I’m seriously disgusted that we share the same name, do you eat in the bathroom? Gross. If you’re offended by a boob doing what it was meant to do, then YOU leave. Go be ignorant off somewhere else away from the scary booooob!

    • Natalia

      Wow, you are seriously disrespectful. Unless you eat your lunch in the bathroom, I will not feed my daughter in a germ infested room. 2. I have a pump, yes, but guess what, after spending over $200 I can’t pump, simply put my breasts don’t react to a pump. I also live in South Florida, my car is over 100 degrees. I don’t “whip my titties” for attention, I do it because I’m giving my child the best nutrition I can provide for her

    • Nicole

      No one ever told you you needed to look at someone when they are breastfeeding. Avert your eyes if you’re afraid you might see a nipple. God forbid! Shame on you for talking like that on here. You obviously know nothing about breastfeeding. Go Abby! You are amazing!

    • Kari

      How would you feel if someone made you eat inside of a nasty public bathroom stall or make your child eat in one? And not every mother can pump doesnt work for everyone just like every mother cant always breastfeed. Some babies dont even take to a bottle even when moms do pump! There is a reason they are trying to make formula more and more like breastmilk, and its not so people dont see boobs, its because it is BETTER FOR THE CHILD! How about people like you have some decency and let us feed our children without making it about yourself. We arent sluts letting our tits hang out. Chances of even seeing a nipple are slim so just calm your tits since you clearly dont know what youre talking about because it is just your opinion.

    • natalia olorteguin

      Do you eat your food in the bathroom… By the way not all moms respondto the pump. I really hope your not a mother because what a disgrace your children will be.

    • SarahG

      Wow. Just wow. How do you say she is right and then dismantle everything by calling her a self righteous twat?? Is there a point to spelling it out for you? Lets try. My son refused bottles. I could not produce enough milk when pumping to properly nourish my son. How is feeding a child ‘indecent’ and how is someone like you, a person who calls a a breastfeeding mother a twat, considered a ‘decent’ person that apparently needs to be protected from the sight of a baby breastfeeding? How is more decent to feed any human being in a bathroom where people shit or a car where any bystander could also see the mother breastfeeding? Of course my final question is how is a breastfeeding mother a slut who is seeking attention? Presumably your argument is that anyone who has a child and lets them nurse is then also just a promiscuous woman … I am not sure you are clear on how reproduction happens but it does involve intercourse. Maybe that is what you mean by slut. And the attention seeking is the exact opposite of what breastfeeding moms are trying to achieve. The point is that it should be a big deal, no attention should be grabbed by a mom breastfeeding because it is normal, a majority of women do it.

  • alexa

    Woohoo! Go Abby! You were and still are an inspiration that helped me gain the confidence to NIP. rock on mama

  • Tina Cisco

    go mamas! Nurse on!!!!! :) Currently nursing my third little one who turned one last month and has 7 teeth….no signs of being ready to wean! <3

  • jim calleja

    That is a typical reply from a person who’s choice is vanity over her child,maybe they would be 2 grades ahead.

  • Jillian

    Sorry, but my child comes before your personal issues. If you don’t think eating in a germ ridden bathroom or a hot car is an issue, then go right ahead. I have better things to do than hide in a bathroom, a hot car, or spend an insane amount of time pumping when it is completely unnecessary.

  • Tamsyn

    So heart warming to see this! Thanks for sharing Abby. Haters be hating, we know the wholesome, loving truth. Love from South Africa!

  • lang

    Great job Abby!! God bless you and your adorable family !! You are doing everything the right way, and I’m sure he’s proud of you for that!!

  • Jenn

    My second son will be 1 in 2 days and he does not show any signs of wanting to stop anytime soon! My first son stopped at 1 year and never looked back however my 2nd son loves to nurse. I am now entered new territory feeding my 1 year old out in public but people like the Badass Breastfeeder help encourage moms like me to keep doing what we think is the best thing for our children! Stay strong mommas!

  • Tara

    I am a mom & I breastfeed. That being said I do believe at the age of 3 the child should not be drinking from a moms boob. however its is my opinion & everyone is entitled to theirs

  • Deb Casazza Bryant

    I am 54, and when my 28 years ago I was breast feeding my son till he was almost 2, He was my one child that never had all these childhood sickness’s colds, earaches, etc. I am so surprised at the people that are so against feeding your child past a certain age. And surprised at some of the older then I people who are against feeding the child in public. If we were in a restaurant, and he was hungry, I just flipped a little blanket over him and he nursed while I ate. My son stopped pretty much on his own. But there is also the bond you build with the child while breast feeding. I wish I had of breast fed my older sons.

  • Ana Ana

    GOOOOO ABBY!!!! what she is doing is the least bit wrong. I don’t have any children but I talked both my “little sisters” into breast feeding. I told them you should breast feed because it healthier than giving them that artificial milk. Both of them agreed I thought maybe they would not do it and was just agreeing to do so to shut me up but they both actually did it. I said would you rather know what’s going into your baby’s stomach or not.
    Abby you are an awesome woman and a great mommy. The only thing that I kinda do agreed with is covering up giving yourself and your child some privacy. As for the three year old I think he will stop when he wants to, he’s gonna see something that looks and smells good and wanna try it. Feeding in the bathroom is a no no in my book. It’s very unsanitary would you eat a meal in the bathroom???? I think not. You are doing an awesome job those who don’t like it can go suck a lime.

  • Brie

    Proud to be a part of a group of people who are intelligent, educated, open, and selfless to do what is best for their children. I am currently nursing my almost 2 and a half year old and will continue until he is ready to stop. Abby… Great job! And for those of you commenting who are not yet parents… I suggest you take this as an opportunity to learn about something that may be new to you. Grow, educate yourself instead of follow society and the messed up views they have. Give to your children what you may not have had… Better the next generation by giving them the most natural thing. This is what the woman body was meant to do.

  • DJohn

    I believe that these ladies have all the right in the world to breast feed in public. Why the hassle carrying a legal firearm to protect her?

  • eevee

    breastfeeding my 2yr old and my 6 month old. It’s hard work but it’s satisfying to know that I provide their nutrition and that I have a way of quieting tears when no one else can. Our girls are happy, outgoing, and well nourished. Honestly, without the support I found in Abby’s community in the first few weeks of nursing our oldest I may not have made it this far. As a side note, anyone who thinks breastfeeding is sexual or “for the satisfaction of the mother” has some very, very deeply seated psychological issues and probably shouldn’t be permitted in close proximity to children (you pervert!). GO ABBY! Thanks for all you do!

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