Meet ‘The Badass Breastfeeder’

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Breastfeeding in public, when to stop nursing, attachment parenting-- all topics that get people talking.

Marcus Leshock talked with Abby Theuring, better known as the ‘Badass Breastfeeder.’ Abby nurses both of her children, ages 3 weeks and 3 years old.

Her message is all about promoting nursing, especially in public.

If you'd like to join the conversation with Abby, you can get in touch with her at: or on her Facebook page: 


  • Tara M.

    Obviously, Pat Tomasulo, your mother did not breastfeed you long enough (if at all!). I normally laugh along with the snarky comments of the WGN morning people, but did not find your “detachment parenting” comment all that hilarious, especially considering you have kids! That baldy is right, you have a heart of stone. At least Robin didn’t get grossed out, props to her! Breastfeeding is 100 percent NATURAL and its the only 100 percent safe thing we can actually do for babies!

    • mark

      It is not 100% safe. Do your research. There are chemicals in breastmilk. There are also many things that can go wrong.

      Also, people are UNCOMFORTABLE with breastfeeding publicly. A little discretion in public wouldn’t be a bad thing. I think that’s the problem.

      Get over yourself and don’t judge people about whether YOU think someone was breastfeed “long enough” or at all. You don’t like their comments but you think it’s okay to make some of your own. Grow Up. Breastfeeding isn’t the ONLY option.

      • natalia olorteguin

        Ummm I don’t give a damm if someone doesn’t like me nursing in public. You sound like and ignorant idiot. Your poor mother gave birth to a moron.

      • natalia olorteguin

        Mark please educate yourself or better yet shut up… Your stupidity level is off the charts.

      • Amommy

        Mark, science has repeatedly proven that formulas are not and can never be as nutritionally valuable. Did you know that each time your child nurses the nipple actually has receptors which can tell what composition your baby needs the milk to contain? Did you know that kissing baby’s hand the mom picks up minute traces of any germs on baby and her body produces those antibodies to pass on to baby? Of course you didn’t because you are ill informed and more worried about your comfort than the nutrition of a baby. I’m uncomfortable when I see middle aged fat men in speedos, and those guys aren’t providing basic nuritment and life sustaining milk. YOUR comfort is not MY responsibility, but making the best and healthiest choices for my child are. I have no opinions on what you eat or how you feed your kids, you get none on how I feed mine. Period.

        P.S. I hope you don’t drink cow’s milk, you do know that’s ‘breast’ milk for baby cows, right? :)

      • Sarah

        YOU are obviously the one who is misinformed and needs to grow up. If you are so uncomfortable with a woman feeding her child in public where you see as much of her breast as a girl with a push-up bra and tanktop then that is your immaturity playing a role. It’s a breast…being used for the purpose it was I tended…gasp!! You are correct, there are other ways to feed your baby besides breastfeeding, however NOTHING will ever be as healthy or nutritious for your baby and be able to provide emotion attachment as well. Please do YOUR research. What chemicals might you be referring to? Ones that would be put there because a mother would introduce it into her system? Then yes, in that case it could potentially be unsafe for baby. However, without the introduction of drugs, alcohol, or a blood infection if you still believe formula is better than breastmilk you are an idiot.

      • hinshikarsu

        Who cares if people are uncomfortable. Go bk hm then. Kid needs feeding it take presidence over others comfort.

      • DNANCE

        Chemicals in breastmilk? Have you looked at the ingredients aka chemicals in conventional formula lately?

      • Slannah

        LMFAO!!! You’re one of those special kinds of stupid aren’t you? Chemicals? Really? And the movement to normalize breastfeeding is to make it so people aren’t uncomfortable. Hence “normalize”. Keep up buttercup

      • Amanda

        You’re right. It’s not the only option. But it’s our choice. You have a choice too-look, or don’t look. It’s very simple.

    • juan

      exactly, for your BABIES, not year olds, thats just gonna make him awkward…”yeah, i sucked on boobs till i was 19 guys, everybody did, …..right?”….um, no.

      • Amanda

        No one said anything about breastfeeding a 19 year old. And as far as awkward, if you’re only concerned that you might feel awkward then that’s tough. It’s not about you.

      • Natesha

        Juan….there is nothing abnormal with breastfeeding a toddler or even a young child. It is the only thing that they know. It’s not like they started nursing at 3 years old. Her 3 year old has breastfed since birth. He doesn’t know that society has sexualized breasts. As far as he knows his momma is feeding him just like momma animals do in the wild. It isn’t “normal” for us because many years ago someone decided that fake milk (formula) would be a great alternative to breast milk. This liberated a lot of repressed women which is why it gained popularity and became the norm. We have a problem with women nursing uncovered because society decided a long time ago that sex and the female body was something to hide and be ashamed of. We’ve been a sexually repressed society for hundreds of years which is why we are such an oversexed society now, as long as it is on the tv, on the internet, or on the movie screen only!
        As long as humans have been breeding, women have been breastfeeding. Who cares how long a child nurses? It certainly isn’t any of your business, especially being a man.

    • estarr

      Society is excessively sexually minded. That’s her choice as a parent. I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s ignorant to condemn her. #perspective #gotmilk #gotcookies

  • thatkidsmom

    I wish I was surprised at the number of disrespectful comments. Every mother has the right to choose if, how, and when she feeds her baby. If you don’t agree, then, make a different choice for yourself and your kid. There is no reason for hateful ignorant behavior.

    • estarr

      Society is excessively sexually minded. That’s her choice as a parent. I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s ignorant to condemn her. #perspective #gotmilk #gotcookies

  • black

    I dont have a problem with women breast feeding but there is a cut off point and age to doing it in public…3 yrs old is way too old…to be sucking on titties might as well let a grown man suck your tits in public then

    • Sarah

      The fact that you refer to a child (yes 3 is a child!!!) to “sucking on titties” shows how ignorant you are. You sound more like a pedifile if that’s how you view a child. Why should/do you care what age a mother breastfeeds her child to?

    • SarahG

      Equating a 3 year old nursing on a breast to a grown man sucking on “titties” is beyond ignorant, immature and frankly disturbing. In what way can you liken a child receiving nurishment to a man getting a hard on by putting his mouth on a womans breasts? Perverse mindset.

    • Amanda

      If that’s what breasts were for I would agree. But they are not for grown men. And the babies/toddlers using them are eating, not just sucking for enjoyment.

    • Natesha

      Why on earth do people insist on saying “sucking on titties”? That is such a man thing to say. They are breast. God made breasts for breastfeeding. Period. The fact that our society is obsessed with breasts and has sexualized them and created slang terms like titties or tits doesn’t make it right to say such ignorant stuff like that. You’d have no problem with her breasts if they were stuffed in a push-up bra & then stuffed into a small t-shirt showing a lot of cleavage, but lord forbid that she uses her breasts for their intended purpose: to feed her child 3 weeks old or 3 years old. Don’t like it? Don’t look. There are societies on this earth that still use wet-nurses. It is taboo here, but the norm there. As an “advanced” society, let’s just let women nurse if they want, wherever they want, however they want, for however long they want, or formula-feed if they want, ok ‘merica? Who knows, we might actually create a generation of considerate, loving, and not homicidal children. Just a theory…..

  • Susie

    Great segment! Breastfeeding is such a normal thing, it seems silly that it has to be ‘normalized’, but it does. More women feeling comfortable about breastfeeding in public will help everyone to begin to realize what a normal thing it is. There is simply no valid reason to tell a woman to cover up or not breastfeed, it is a human right for mothers and babies and it is nobody else’s business other than the mother and the baby. Telling a woman she is not welcome to breastfeed in a public space is incredibly insensitive and rude, and is essentially telling that woman she is not welcome in that space now that she is a mother. If we think that women belong in the home and not out in public once they are mothers … that is a scary-backwards way to think and I am embarrassed for anyone who feels that way. In Canada anyway, the law is in our favour as breastfeeding mothers. I have been insulted in public once before by a customer of a store and the unfortunately ignorant store manager, I was unprepared for such an affront and was just dumbfounded…I went back with a copy of THE LAW, and the manager was defensive but obviously embarrassed, but I didn’t say all the right things in the moment when my rights were violated. My go-to response if this happens again with a store employee will be as follows, and I encourage other mothers to say the same if they choose: “Because I am allowed to be here, it is my human right to breastfeed here, and my baby’s human right to be breastfed here. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you did not realize that, but now you know. Lucky for you I’m not going to raise a big stink about this, but the next person you offend in this way might not be so understanding. You are risking your job right now by violating my human right to breastfeed anywhere I am welcome.” Businesses should be more responsible about educating their employees on the rights of nursing women in their stores, but sometimes there are lapses in training and I do feel badly for managers such as the one I encountered who are probably just doing what they think is the best thing for customers with complaints, and they don’t realize they are in the wrong. I have lost a lot of my nursing-in-public confidence now that I have been publicly shamed for it, but I’m trying to gain it back. A lot of breastfeeding moms are far too shy to try nursing in public and as a result spend their days cooped up and isolated with their newborns. Mothers who have the confidence to go out and normalize nursing by doing it in public are doing a huge service to our nieces and daughters, who will hopefully bear children into a world where they don’t have to feel isolated or shamed for doing something so natural and crucial as nourishing a child.

    • eevee

      wow, you’re an imebecile. Somebody missed the part about her younger baby being 3 WEEKS OLD. If you’re going to troll, at least put some effort into it.

    • Amommy

      You’re an idiot. It’s women like you degrading other women for ‘humor’ that sets us all back in the world. She had a baby 3 WEEKS ago! I’m sure YOUR body is perfect (sarcasm is being used here!) Mine is not, but thankfully I don’t have weirdly judgemental strangers that are commenting on it online.

      • Nicole

        No such thing as a perfect body. But at least mine is not all stretched out from pooping out babies👍

    • Love

      Seems she is doing more with her life than you are apparently, sitting on your sofa with no life TROLLING and looking for people to insult. Jealousy is in the air…

      • Nicole

        Oh yeah. …I’m so jealous of not having a pre- school aged boy hanging off of my saggy udder. …so jealous.

      • Love

        Nicole, you could only be lucky enough to have ANYONE hanging off your boob. Thank goodness you can choose to make irresponsible comments on a website where your words are so powerful. Goooo you!!

      • Nicole

        Having a 5 year old looking 3 year old hanging off of my breast would be an absolute nightmare.

    • SarahG

      Oh wow that was clever, commenting on her weight. What a zinger. (Dripping sarcasm) at least the other idiots are staying on topic with their stupid remarks.

    • Amommy

      Are you 12?!? My body isn’t all stretched or either, thanks for checking though, but if you really can poop out a baby you could probably get serious cash for that! 💩

      • Amommy

        Oh Nicole, you clearly failed anatomy, as well as English. ‘If *you’re* (you know you are) a breeder, your body is stretched out’

        The uterus is a muscle, so they stretch an contract with the growth of the baby, it doesn’t stay stretched out. I can only assume you’re under the delusion that the vagina gets stretched out? It was actually designed to have babies, crazy huh?! Yay, evolution!

      • ana

        Nicole just so you know yes you can go back to pre-pregnancy weight and stay that way right after my son was born went right back down to my pre-pregnancy jeans same day and weight

    • Daniele

      Let’s see your picture, Nicole. I’ve had 3 kids and weigh 115. I assure you, I am not all stretched out. I didn’t poop them out either.

    • Allison Chavez

      Hmm before baby 135 after baby 140 pretty sure everything is back in place oh and that was baby #3. Stretch that.

    • AGary87

      Haha I have had 3 children and breastfeeding my 5 1/2 month old and 122 pounds at 5’4 but since that makes me a breeder I must be all stretched out and fat?! She had a baby 3 weeks ago it takes time but your body and lady parts do go back to normal ask any husband and father!

  • Heather Teter

    Way to go Badass! I am breastfeeding my 11 month old and will continue until we are ready to stop. We need to normalize breastfeeding and nursing in public. It is recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization as being what is best and is recommended for AT LEAST the first two years. Lets support each other instead of tearing each other down.

  • Jennifer

    So nursing your own child is gross but drinking the milk of an animal is not? World wide the average age a child weans is 6 years old. Educate yourselves people! This is NORMAL NOT GROSS! The people that think this is unnatural are the disgusting ones that need to get their heads checked if they see a mother nursing her child and think its perverted. Youre the sick ones if that is your first thought.

  • Jennifer

    Hey Mark, how many children have you breast fed? Chemicals in breast milk? Other, safer options??? Man you look like a complete uneducated fool. Either that or you’re the foil hat type and just need to take your crazy theory to the mental hospital with you. If you’re uncomfortable with a mother nursing her child then maybe you should go sit in a bathroom stall somewhere until the child has finished his meal. You staring might make that mother and child uncomfortable.

  • natalia olorteguin

    I nurse my 26 mth old anytime anywhere.sometimes I cover most times I dont. My concern is my daughter not some strangers.

  • Carmen

    Breastfeeding is a beautiful, selfless act that a mother can give to her children. Plus, if the end times were to happen, breastfed babies would survive. (Sorry but TWD is crap with that part of the story) #Truth

  • Sam

    Breastfeeding is all good but it is those Mothers out there baring their breast on purpose to make a point that is ruining it. I breast fed 4 Children, not once did i have to feed my children in public but if i did i would have been discreet because there are more people out there that are uncomfortable and I do care about them! especially some teenagers that are full of hormones that are a bit embarrassed when someone is baring their complete boob just because she can and says she is only feeding her child! That is bull, they are trying to make a statement and as far as i’m concerned are making it worse for those who do it discreetly and are left alone. Common sense and discretion is not a bad thing but some people seem to think it is and you will find it is those ones (the loud breast baring ones) that are the problem in making breast feeding not ok in public by a lot of people. You are always going to have someone not ok with it but they will more than likely get over it a lot quicker if Mums are discreet.

    • Leila H

      I believe the point of the argument isn’t discretion. It’s about breasts being used in the manner that was intended in an overly sexual society. I have seen some pretty raunchy human anatomy just walking through the mall but I guess that’s ok. Also using a nursing cover is restrictive and HOT especially say at a playground in South Texas where I live so I dare someone to tell me to cover my child’s head. How about you sit outside in the heat, pressed up next to another person, under a blanket, & eat your lunch. You people are bizarre. It’s a baby or even a toddler (gasp) receiving nourishment big deal.

    • Amy Almanza

      News flash- Any mother nursing in public is NOT for attention! Its because their baby is HUNGRY. Why do other people think its about them and their attention. Us breastfeeders dont care if you like it our not. The only thing we care about is our child. I refuse to live my life in time frames or indoors because other people have a problem with it. Im not living for you! If you dont like it, divert your eyes! Nobody is forcing you to stare so hard.

    • JS

      Sam, you didn’t leave the house?
      Is never my intention to NIP, but if my son wants to nurse while we are out, I’ll nurse him uncover. I don’t care about other people comfort, and I won’t stay isolated in the house to prevent NIP.

    • Sara

      That’s great that you were able to almost completely avoid nursing in public and did so “discreetly” when you did, but you shouldn’t try to apply your standard and experience to everyone. All babies are different and not all babies will nurse with a cover on. Some babies pull it off and my son often refused to latch or nurse for a good amount of time if I used a cover. That being said, I did try to use a cover our be “discreet” when nursing in public, but I only did so because I was faced with hostility. I’m honestly ashamed that I caved to our society’s idea that breastfeeding is somehow inappropriate and covered up. Even in doing that, I still got lots of snarky comments and rude looks and complaints from people around me. So when you say mothers should use “common sense and discretion” to make things better, you’re adding to the problem. Saying that women should cover up, especially for those poor hormonal teenagers, only furthers the lie that breastfeeding is a sexual act. Every mother should breastfeed in the way that works best for her and her baby without facing the judgement of others. If that means you stay at home until you’re done nursing, great! If you use a cover when you go out, good for you! And if you choose to breastfeed without hiding, that’s wonderful too! The day that I’m allowed to step in and tell you how to handle your child’s temper tantrum, which makes me very uncomfortable, is the day you can tell me how I’m supposed to feed my child.

    • Amanda

      To each their own. If society hadn’t sexualized breasts then discretion wouldn’t be an issue.

  • melissa

    Breat feeding is amazing. How do you think.women in other countries feed there children from birth when formula and milk isnt on deman as in the usa… because your not used to seeing this.. it is natural and becoming more natural. Dont like it dont look kids want ro drink too

  • SarahG

    Thank you Abby! I may not breastfeed as long as you have chosen to but I appreciate that someone is fighting for the right to do so without judgement. My son is 13 months and not slowing down. I also appreciate the battle to desexualize breasts. Women are so objectified in our society that all we see is a body used for sex that should be covered up outside of the bedroom or off the beach. Women are amazing, our bodies were designed to create and sustain life. Society needs to start seeing that role first and foremost. Thanks again!

  • Nicole

    Why is it that “some” mothers are saddened when their child has decided to move on from breastfeeding? The extra calories they burn? (Most will never admit it) That they will be left with deflated saggy breast when they’re forced to dry up? I totally understand breastfeed a baby, but the boy in this story is way too old. Poor guy will be damaged when he’s older (I would be). The fact is, you’re NOT supposed to remember being birthed or breastfeeding!!! I’m not including mothers of third world countries where they’ve no choice but to try and feed their starving child. Stupid attention seeking mother, should at least protect her sons privacy.

    • Anna

      Nicole, please seek therapy if you haven’t already done so. Posting uneducated, rude opinions is one thing. However, it is obvious that these hateful comments are stemming from some deep insecurities. Good luck to you.

    • Sara

      You’re not including mothers in third world countries which proves there is nothing inherently wrong with it. You think its wrong because it’s not the norm in our society, not because it’s actually bad. The average age of weening world wide is over 4 years old. By your logic, most of the people in the world should be seriously dysfunctional and in need of therapy.

      Just so you know, cows milk is also breastmilk, it’s just from a different species. So tell me what is natural or better about that?

    • Amanda

      Why do you get the right to decide what age is too old for someone else’s child to be breastfed? And how do you know that you’d have suffered from being breastfed as a toddler if it didn’t happen? I think you should be concerned with yourself and not others.

    • Kay Ninalee

      You are so rude. In your opinion when should one stop breastfeeding? Would you fuss if he was drinking breastmilk out of a cup? Probably not. Especially if it was from a cow. Honestly, its not your child or your body. In case you weren’t taught this, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. And if you had done your research you would know what the world health organization advises on breastfeeding.

  • Ali

    Some comments on here are very rude, Its not nice that people are saying breast feeding is the right option for your child. You can do whatever you want, there is not a wrong or right option. Breast feed or use a formula, either is fine… To make a woman feel like she is a bad mother because she chooses to use a formula is sad- I think there is more hate surrounding using formulas then breast feeding. But at the end of they day there are more important things to worry about in the world then whether to breast feed or use a formula, its only a big deal because we make it one.

  • Carlie

    Im sorry but im a mom if your going to breastfeed a 3yr old…you should at least cover it up…i wonder how the childs friends and at school going to react to this….

    • rp70433

      I was breastfed until I was 2. One of my sisters was breastfed until she was 4. Neither of us have “issues” or needed therapy. We do, however, have the comfort of knowing our mother gave us a beautiful gift.

    • Amanda

      Well hopefully when he does become old enough to go to school his friends will have been taught that breasts are for breastfeeding and they will see nothing wrong with it.

  • Jay

    I totally support breastfeeding, and chose to do so somewhat discretely with my 3 children. I am just curious, at what age do you all think a child is “too old” and needs to be weaned, even if the child is not ready? Would you say 5? 6? 8 years old? And if you did see a mother who chose to nurse their school aged child, whether publicly or privately, would you still support that it’s their choice or at some point do you have to consider that it may cause some psychological issues for the kid? *not judging, just asking

    • Amanda

      The only reason there would be psychological issues would be due to the fact that our society has over sexualized women and their breasts, and older children in question may feel shame because of what others are saying. We need to start teaching our children to not be judgemental of others.

  • Jennifer

    The fact is you do what’s right for both mom and child. You have to trust that you know what is best and not stop breast feeding because of society’s “rules”. Once a child hits a certain age you’re letting them self wean and following their instincts. I have let my children self wean and that has been around 3 years old. They are perfectly healthy, normal well adjusted kids without any issues. They also never get sick. My now 3 1/2 year old is still nursing and will wean when ahe feels like it. There is nothing wrong with that and anyone that thinks there is something wrong with it needs to mind their own business.

  • Realist

    She’s a sick woman that needs therapy. There’s other ways to coddle a 3 year old boy than slapping your nipple in his face.

    • Sara

      Because everyone knows that the only reason women breastfeed is to coddle their children. It’s not like there’s boat loads of research that show there are major benefits to breastfeeding or that the global weaning age is over 4. This woman is obviously just a freak of nature. She needs to get with the program and stop giving her kid human milk and start giving him the stuff that comes from a cows breast. Drinking the milk that comes from another species is way more healthy and natural. She is clearly very troubled.

      To be clear, that was all sarcasm.

      • ThyKingdomCome

        Once a pic like that goes online, you can never delete. He will be scared for life, perhaps the next Jeffrey Dahmer.

    • Amanda

      You see feeding a child as “coddling by slapping a nipple in the face? ” You’re kidding, right?

      • Amanda

        He will be Jeffrey Dahmer because he was breastfed? You’re also kidding, right? Someone please tell me that that’s a joke and people don’t really think/feel that way…

  • Disgusted

    I am all for breastfeeding. I do it. I’m also for NIP. I cover/double shirt. My issue is that the kid looks 5, and is clearly entirely too old to actually nurse. One of my friend’s mothers nursed him until he was almost 5, and he very much remembers it. He is absolutely horrified and embarrassed beyond belief. I don’t care what the average age for weaning is, but when they can talk in complete sentences and say “mommy your boobies are the only thing that comfort me when I feel bad”, it’s seriously only for the mother at that point.

    • Amanda

      So you’re judging based on how a child looks? By that logic, if you look like a man/pedophile/Mermaid I should assume you are one? As for your friend, he feels that way because of society’s definition of “normal”, which is a very skewed view that needs to be changed.

      • Really

        Yes you should. Have you ever heard the term walk like a duck talk like duck… By the way that kid is too old for breast feeding. A medical doctor might say it’s okay but what does a psychologist say about that? I’ll say it again it’s molestation pass a certain age.

      • Jillian

        What would a psychologist say? Well, considering studies show that children yhat are breastfed for a minimum of 2 years and allowed to self-wean are often more emotionally and psychologically healthy and secure than their peers, I think any educated psychologist would say, “Keep up the good work.”

  • bobbie

    Slightly off topic but this really grabbed my attention cuz it was so amazing….when did it become so common for children to become potty trained before walking???? It just blows my mind ALL these kids using the potty at like 8 months old then walking at a year… amazing that it sounds like a load of bullshit!

    • Amanda

      Not sure where this came from, but it’s perfectly plausible to believe an 8 month old can become potty trained. I don’t practice it myself but it’s called ‘elimination communication’.

  • Really

    1st things first..that kid is way too old to be breast fed. When the kid is big enough to hold a utensil your treading the fine line of molestation….Reminds me of the queen in Game of Thrones. Second, ladies there is nothing wrong with breast feeding. That’s how the human race has done it since the beginning. Breast feeding in public is at your own risk. With all the perverts and rapist out here if you feel comfortable enough to expose yourself to everyone then go right ahead. A lot of women get mad when guys or girls stare at them with skimpy clothes on let alone with a breast out.

  • Rayos

    I nurse my two year old in public all the time. Let’s support one another mommas. Who doesn’t love boobs!?

  • kris

    Good for you mama!

    And shut up with the negative comments. As long as baby is not hungry everyone should be happy. Quit the ignorance and carry on with your own lives!

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