WATCH LIVE: Thai soccer team speaks to media for first time since cave rescue

Rev Jackson on Chicago’s violence: ‘It’s an emergency state’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Over the holiday weekend, the city of Chicago averaged one shooting per hour.

The violence has made national headlines and cause leaders – both local and national – to speak out.

Reverend Jesse Jackson spoke with WGN News from Atlanta.

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  • carole johnson

    This guy hasn’t changed one bit. Will step in when it is black/white, but when it is the gangs shooting each other, he is not around. The black community needs to do something now. When they know who the person is, turn them in, don’t turn a cheek. Or better yet, they as a community need to beat the holy crap out of them. Enough is enough.

  • Lori Ann Silvestri

    You need to remove this from here. This man has a medical problem. His speech is slurred and he can’t understand the questions you’re asking him. He didn’t answer one question coherently — he accused the City of Barrington of making guns and blamed “lead paint” for the violence. This is not a WELL Man!!! To maintain your professionalism — remove this clip!!!!

  • Southsider

    Well sir, who said that your common black citizen believes that Jesse J. cares about us. White people are the ones who keep putting him on TV. As I recall black people don’t own the news station. Most black citizens don’t honor Jeese. This is what I was talking about in the last article. People talking about stuff they just don’t know about. How I know your commenting without knowledge is it’s not just the kids shooting. It’s just as many adults. So you probably don’t live in any of these communities and just believing what others tell you without having 1st hand knowledge of what is really going on.

  • arubatom

    Reconstruction plan? How about certain communities take responsibility for their lives and the lives of their children? Where is the accountability with the citizens?

    All these Rahm, McCarthy, Jesse photo ops, etc., are not accomplishing anything. And, why doesn’t the do-nothing state government do something to pass laws to imprison these imbeciles caught with illegal firearms? I am a firearms owner myself…there are plenty of gun laws on the books…when the heck are these General ASSembly morons going to get some tougher penalties passed for ILLEGAL use of firearms….the responsible firearms owner should not have to bear the brunt of more gun laws anyway…hit the criminals and gang bangers with tougher jail sentences for illegal possession and use of weapons….CRIMINAL CONTROL, not gun control is part of the answer….the bigger piece is the community…where is the parenting for the punks? Do they help CPD…hate to say it, but most of the time there is a distrust of CPD by these communities….hard question…do they”trust” the criminals and gang bangers more???? I grew up in the city, went through the public school system, went on to DePaul and Loyola, father was a postal worker…never had much, lived in a typical working class neighborhood…never had the kind of violence that is occurring now…and none of us felt that anyone owed us a living or a “reconstruction plan”!!!

  • John

    Shame shame on you silly people, keep listening to people like Jesse and the problem gets bigger. His track record is very clear. Has no one learned after 45 years of threats, extortion and intimidation from this man. The news media are the biggest cowards in the world. They jump if he blinks an eye.