Pay-by-phone parking meter app incorrectly issuing tickets

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

If you use the city's new pay-by-phone parking meter app, don't be surprised if a ticket arrives in the mail.

It's because hundreds of drivers who use the app have been wrongly ticketed.

City officials started rolling out the new Park Chicago app in may.

Since then, DNA Info reports more than 300 drivers have received tickets for an expired-meter violation, even though there was still time on the meter.

A time gap between payment and a database update is to blame.

Officials say only a small percentage of people who used the app have gotten tickets but did not specify how many times the app has been used overall to pay for meters.

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    • therealmartini29

      why is it blocking all my comments over 5 words …oh wait is it because I trashed the mayor again …hahaha that slick RahmDum-bdum-b wins again ….hahahaha

  • therealmartini29

    So my original post was just questioning how long before that “Dismissed” ticket actually comes off your tags . Since the city doesn’t like to talk to other parts of its own depts. , will they give you a pass when they try to take your car when 1 year from now you get another ticket and they boot you because that ticket magically appeared again ? will they reimburse you for lost time from work …..I think not … and it only takes 2 tickets now people hard to get with them prowling the streets at midnight in residential neighborhoods on Foot!