Armed robbery reported at Blackhawks practice facility

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Three men were robbed at a Chicago Blackhawks practice facility Monday night.

Three men in their early thirties were walking into Johnny’s Ice House West at 2550 West Madison when they were approached by three men already in the hockey rink.

The attackers demanded money and all the men’s belongings.

One of the victims was hit with a gun.

The attackers were between 18 and 25 years old.

Johnny’s Ice House is also home to dozens of youth and adult hockey teams.


  • Steve

    Wrong. We actually want some change. You are in the minority Charles- You apparently don’t care if there is change. You are entitled to your opinion, as are we.

    • cwkeller

      OK, I hereby acknowledge your points. If I apply common sense to any of them they can be defeated. You see that right? No matter what is done this can happen again. We have homeland security and the NSA based on just these kind of fear. Lots of money spent to secure our lives when all that really happens is we’re more restricted and pay more with really no more protection than before. I just don’t agree that any of those things you mention will help at Johnny’s and are worth the hassle.

      • One of the victims

        So nothing should be done, you would be ok with this happening time and time again? The way it is currently set up, the patrons are sitting ducks. You open a closed door to find armed robbers waiting for you. No way to protect yourself. They obviously didn’t anticipate this when they made the building but it’s a big time security risk the way it is currently set up. So yes Johnny’s needs to make a change to prevent this exact same situation from happening multiple times.

      • Joey

        Nancy, the main reason everyone is angry was Kevin’s response. You may want check again as someone posted his entire email response to this site. If that doesn’t help you can check out this story which aired on the 10:00 NBC news last night which also shows Kevin’s response email with his name stamp. I not trying to be rude by any means but being a hockey fan and a blackhawks fan doesn’t mean that you understand what has happened here. As others have said no one is whining here. It just should’ve been handled differently. One day the show will be on the other foot and you will think differently.

  • Nancy

    K, never claimed to be an expert on Johnny’s Ice House ins & outs, just a fan of the sport. With all of your experience, I bow to your expertise. I just read a few articles pertaining to a robbery in Chicago, scrolled down to “comments” and used some common sense. As far as your statement that the g.m. responded to one of the robbery victims saying, “maybe the city isn’t for him and should go to the burbs”… where did you come up with that one? Have reread all of the articles and can’t find anything other than an NBC article that said an adult hockey player, NOT one of the victims, had been displeased with the g.m.’s response. You really shouldn’t post such misleading misinformation. Just out of curiosity, do you also go by the name of “Real Hockey Player”?

    • G

      Hi Nancy –
      I definitely want to be sure that you get the piece of the story regarding the e-mail from the player which generated managements response so you can make your own judgement. – The letter to Johnny’s management was NOT composed by one of the mens league players that was robbed but rather a player a player from another team. This player wrote the letter to management as a concerned patron and addressed safety concerns for his fellow mens league players as well as the youth players/families, spectators and even the Blackhawks which are all patrons of johnnys. The same player was banned for life from setting foot on johnnys property after the story aired on channel 5. To me these are two separate issues (closely intertwined). I too feel we should stick to the main issue – which for me is the fact that in my opinion there is a gap between what is being done and what could be done to create a reasonably safe environment while at the johnnys west facility. I feel if this issue were addressed or at the very least discussed by johnnys management in an open manner with representatives of their patrons (team captains) there would be a change for a stronger bond to form between players and the facility owners. I also feel the action to ban the player was also extreme and to me seemed knee-jerk and irrational from a hockey moral and ethical view and a business standpoint.

  • Nancy

    Joey, in order to get my facts straight I just watched last night’s NBC broadcast online. As I stated before, the patron of Johnny’s Ice House that was interviewed in this segment was not one of the victims. He was a patron who is concerned about his future safety in light of the recent robbery. Do I agree with his concerns? Absolutely. Do I think that Johnny’s should and will step up and increase security measures to help prevent this type of crime from happening again? I definitely do. What I cannot stand is when certain posters feel the need and freedom to whine, (yes, whine), about every little personal grievance they might have against a business and use a serious situation like this as a stage for their complaints on other issues. Yes, I am a hockey fan & yes, have been a Blackhawks fan forever, but, contrary to what you stated, I really do think I understand the severity of the original issue. This scary occurrence just tends to be masked and minimized by subjective comments that demand the firing of all employees that some posters feel are responsible or, more likely, that they have some sort of personal issue with and feel that this is their opportunity to be heard! In closing, thank you for your kind wish for my future – “One day the show (?) will be on the other foot and you will think differently”. I appreciate your concern.

  • Nick S

    Nancy. If you played at Johnny’s, knew Kevin, and knew the history of violent crimes that have occured there, then you would know 2 things: 1) johnny’s will not do anything to increase safety or security. Kevin has stated this numerous times. 2) this is the reason people are pissed off. You are admittedly under-informed on the issue and have probably never stepped foot inside the facility or met Kevin. So you shouldn’t discount those who deal with him on a regular basis.

  • Adam

    Kevin Rosenquist banned the guy who was interviewed by the news about the robbery. He told him that if he ever comes to Johnny’s East or West, they will call the police & have him arrested.

  • crzytattoo

    i took a slapshot to the face last year at johnny’s west and there was a young man who helped me with ice bags and called the ambulance for me. at any place things can happen. even at mace’s

  • John Hills

    The manager’s comments could actually force ownership to implement changes to address security concerns. If there is one thing more prevalent in Chicago than gun crime it is litigation. Fortunately no one was seriously injured in this incident inside the rink building, but this incident coupled with management’s comments could form the foundation for a viable lawsuit. The general rule under Illinois law is that a landowner has NO duty to protect against criminal acts. There are, however, exceptions to the general rule. One of those exceptions is the business invitee and invitor exception, which permits imposition of liability against a landowner when (1) he or she has a business invitor business invitee relationship with an injured party and (2) the criminal act was reasonably foreseeable. Arguably, this exception applies to players who are paying money to play hockey at the rink. It might also apply merely because the rink is open to the public or because there is a bar inside that is open to the public. Management’s comments about going to the suburbs and the fact that this incident actually took place seemingly tick the foreseeability box at least to the extent to survive a motion for summary judgment and to get the case to a jury, which is an expensive scenario that ownership and its insurer should evaluate critically.

    • G

      Thanks John – that’s some interesting commentary. I’ve wondered this whole time the level of responsibility management has to make a good faith effort to ensure the safety of their patrons to the best of their ability. I’m also curious if you have any thoughts on the banning of the player who was on the newcast. Does anyone know if the kids of the two adults were banned? Or did Johnnys also sanction the youth goalie that said the neighborhood was ‘scary’?

  • Spy Guy

    It may be too late for Johnny’s. There are already at least 2 people who have contacted law firms regarding Kevin’s responses/actions and plan to file suits. I hope it doesn’t lead to that, but if it does, it’s their own fault.

  • hilly

    lets say a group of people stand guard outside

    how long until they

    a) get robbed ( so have weapons to fight the bad guys)

    b) get called in by mgt for “loitering”

    c) take their children out and the BlackHawks and others do the same until security is provided

  • Dave Robert

    Kevin Rosenquist also banned a group of guys from Johnny’s for working to organize a league at McFetridge, so his response and reaction does not surprise me in the least bit. Dude seems like a huge d-bag. I hope the Blackhawks force their hand to get him fired just like they did with Susannah Collins formerly of CSN Chicago.

    • Charles Keller (Bender) LOL

      Probably for the same reason that I’m not surprised by the percentage of people like you equate hockey skill with IQ. And most likely that is the biggest issue here, IQ or the lack of it when evaluating issues. But thanks for giving me a laugh today anyway. I needed it.

      • Mike O'Leary

        Whatever makes you sleep at night- you can justify your stance however you would like. I’m not going to get into some long online-comments-section diatribe with you about right/wrong- that was already taken care of in the previous 85 posts and from that anyone can clearly come to the conclusion of your IQ

        I wanted to shift the focus to your seeming stellar on-ice ability. I’m glad I was able to give you a laugh, I’m sure that’s the same reaction anyone has when they watch you play hockey… if you want I can buy you a roll of tape and bring it to your next game so you can tape up your ankles, it might help you skate a little better

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