Earlville residents cleanup after tornado rips through area

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An EF1 tornado caused damage but no injuries in Earlville, Illinois Monday.

The devastation in the small farming town, which is about 80 miles southwest of Chicago, has left its residents speechless but also grateful the no one was hurt.

Last night as the storm moved through fiercely and quickly.

The worst of it was at the corner of 4th and Union. A single level house, home to a sister and brother, was ripped apart. The roof and walls are now gone and the kitchen is now exposed.

The National Weather Service says the second tornado touched down in the corner of northeast Plainfield and traveled to the northwest area of Romeoville.

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  • o2binengland

    I want to know why the sirens (and weather radio) didn’t go off before the tornado was on top of us. Fortunately we figured it out ourselves in time and got to the basement.

  • kacee

    That’s a good question, I was listening to the radio at work in Mendota as the storm approached and there was no mention of a tornado warning, just that it was a very dangerous storm and to take cover immediately. Best guess is it developed so fast that it was not picked up on radar or at least not in time. They did say the storm was moving at 55mph, that’s pretty darn fast…usually you hear them say they are moving at around 30mph.

  • Jess

    The siren did go off, it was just so windy some couldn’t hear it. As for the weather radio…I would guess that since the National Weather Service initally called the storm straight winds they didn’t pick up the rotation on radar and therefore couldn’t warn anyone.