Your Money Matters: Hiring tips for employers

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Kristin Paszczak
Robert Half

Stay front and center.
Don’t delegate the hiring process. You know best what you want in an employee. Avoid delays or, worse, potential hiring mistakes by remaining closely involved in the process from beginning to end.

Stick to the game plan.
Before resumes start coming in, develop a method for evaluating them consistently. Using the job description as a base, make note of key criteria you’re looking for from applicants, and search for those same attributes in each resume you receive.

Get help.
Specialized recruiters can help you pinpoint your needs. And their networks provide access to people you might not locate on your own, including professionals who may not be actively looking for a new job but are open to making a move for the right opportunity.

Don’t delay.
When you identify strong applicants, don’t procrastinate. Top performers are in demand. By moving too slowly, you risk losing your first choice — and extending the hiring process.

Offer competitive compensation.
Top candidates often have multiple options. Companies should offer salaries at – or, ideally, slightly above – the market average. Benefits packages, perks and corporate culture can also play vital roles in attracting top performers.