1 million celebrate during 45th annual Pride Parade

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago’s 45th annual Gay Pride Parade stepped off at noon Sunday with nearly a million people expected to pack the streets on Chicago’s North Side.

This is the first year  same-sex marriages are now legal in Illinois.

In Cook County alone, the Cook County Clerk David Orr has issued more than 3,000 marriage licenses to same-sex couples since February 21 when the very first marriage license was issued.

State and federal representatives, senators and Governor Quinn are expected to be here as well but his Republican opponent Bruce Rauner will not attend the parade.

He has made that quite clear, in fact, that if he were governor at the time when the same-sex marriage bill was going through state legislature,  he would not  have signed the bill if it came to his desk and for that he has drawn the ire of LGBT community.


This is a four mile parade had 205 entries.

Chicago police last year said more than one million people attended the 2013 parade.




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    • AllisonsNotHavingNoneOfYourShit

      Why don’t you shut your damn ingnorant mouth up and let these people enjoy thenselves. They’re not hurting you are they? Getting mad over their love and who they are is like getting mad over someone buying something you dont like at a store. It doesnt affect you so why care. The world needs more open mindeded people instead of you close minded ignorant jerks.

  • John

    What a disgrace is right! God made Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve. All men were created equal and it’s a sin for any man to lie with another man. Case closed! I’m so sick of the way society has started embracing this kind of behavior!

  • Steve Karper

    FYI all we are well on our way to the courts ending this battle just like they ended the biz about bans on inter-racial marriage , at one time 41 states, the last 16 were ended in 1967. Ten conservatives were going nuts, claiming they could no longer protect the sanctity of the white race

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