Indiana couple arrested, shot up heroin in front of 4-year-old daughter

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A couple from Indiana is charged with shooting up heroin in front of their 4-year-old daughter.

Charles Messer and Rachel Angotti were arrested Friday afternoon near 103rd and S. Torrence, on Chicago’s far south side.

Police say they found them inside a car with heroin and needles.

They are charged with drug possession and neglect of a child.

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  • F/U Agent

    Agent in reply to your comment, I take offense to your description of these people.
    If I or another commentator was to use slang word(s) to describe other nationalties, cultures or ways of life like you used in your comments, it would then be deemed racist which is the wrong way of expressing ones views in a public forum.
    Lets not get away from the fact that these people mentioned are indeed in need treatment for their drug addition. They should also be charged with child endangerment.

    That doesn’t however give you the right to express your views using racil epithets. If WGN allows such wording in their comment posts and do not remove your post, than it is only reasonable going forward for people to address other nationalities and cultures using deragatory meanings which is a slippery sloap indeed.


    One would think your
    hostile reply is just that.
    Indiana was not discussed as slang, I was referring to the uneducated post of “Agent” using a cultures demographic to sterotype.
    You Buglet are just as uneducated in your response and ! point in your reply.
    It is very unfortunate that society is grown insensitive to using such grammer.

  • You Get It Nick

    1st, thanks to the other commentator “slope”=slope, incorrect typing habits or lack of spell check.

    Nick you are right on the money, if one where to use in defamation another’s ethinicity, religion or sexual preference than they would be branded a racist or insensitive.
    The posting would have removed most likely.
    However the old saying nowadays is “do as I say, do not do as I do”.

  • just me

    Racist comments are allowed? Wow WGN, you really need to monitor these comments better. Racist comments in 2014? So ignorant.

  • Ven FU

    Your example relating to your comment is an example of the main reasons society is where it is now.
    Poor Me
    Blame me
    Not my job
    Give me, give me
    It is owed to me
    Oh and I also would tag you as a racist because only a racist would use someones heritage in a deragatory way.

  • Pam

    All the comments totally missed the point of the story. The point is that 2 people who are supposed to be parents shot up with heroin in front of their daughter. Now they are in jail and the child is in foster care. Its a shame.
    Why in our society does everything always come down to racism. Its very sad.I feel sorry for that little girl who is now in the crappy system of child services. The worst system in our government.

  • Jamie

    Rachel is not white trash! I’ve known her for many many years. We were best friends growing up. What she did is horrible but I hope to god she gets help. She really is a beautiful and wonderful person. I have know idea what is wrong with her. Maybe it’s her boyfriend. Maybe she’s sick or mental or something but to say she is white trash is far from the truth.

  • Gigi

    Let’s see two kids. Not married. Flicking off people on facebook pics. Still thinks she can have late night 18 year old fun and not have to take care of the kids “all” the time. Just drop them off at mom’s and go out and slob it up.


  • sadfriend

    Omg all you people are so quick to pass judgement and call names… talk abouy anything unrelated to the real issues that face the world everyday. Its unfortunate what happened and in no way right however calling out to people via internet and television who stuggle with addiction is wrong. They need help. Heroin destroys individuals and their children everyday calling out one couple and their mistake fixes nothing. All of you sitting at home commnting with your harsh name calling when you dont realize there are families of these people hurting and a little girl in the system and you all think continuing negativity is helpful? You people disgust me god forbid you be in the position of these peopled family and friends

  • It is what it is

    Don’t blame her boyfriend. The point is who knows what her kids have been subjected to. I feel so bad for the kids. It makes me mad because the kids get hurt. Stupid junkies , how about put your kids first. Sorry but I’m disgusted.