Cell phone video: Truck driver accuses officer of speeding

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A truck driver passing through Illinois says he caught a police officer speeding while talking on his cell phone.

The driver honked his horn repeatedly, prompting the officer to pull over. He then confronted the officer about his driving and posted video of the incident on YouTube.

In the video, the officer initially argues with the truck driver and says he wasn’t speeding. He also threatens to give the truck driver a ticket for unlawful use of his horn.

Then the truck driver tells the officer he is recording the interaction.

Watch the officer change his tune.

-More at WPIX

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    • Joseph

      Your a goof for thinking everyone doesn’t have to follow the law! People like you BLIND SHEEP are the reason police think they are above the law. Do you not care that police are taking the law in their own hands? If its not a big deal for all police to avoid following the law why is it a big deal when normal citizens don’t. It’s all a joke until you end up on the wrong end of one of these unlawful people enforcing the law. It’s the police departments job to protect us not endanger our lives.

      • Blake

        So your saying take away the laptop cell phone and radio in the cop car and if there’s an emergency (which they wont know about without the radio) they should drive the speed limit to the destination, in which they might be too late too…I don’t understand people sometimes….You get one ticket and think cops are evil and they’re here to hurt us..Don’t break the law and you won’t have to deal with cops

      • The Law

        Retard that’s what the lights and sirens are for FOR EMERGENCIES!! Cop was breaking the law and admitted to it. This guy is probably a mall cop or security of some sort lol.

  • Carley

    The truck driver is NOT a goof, and has every right to enforce the law! Although our police force is entrusted with the responsibility of enforcing the law, the laws exist (supposedly) for the protection of the individual citizens. The truck driver, as a citizen, has every right and perhaps even a responsibility, to protect himself and his fellow citizens. Had this truck driver witnessed a murder, a theft, or a rape, and honked his horn or intervened in some way would you still say it wasn’t his job to enforce the law? I believe that the police as a whole are dedicated to the safety and well-being of the citizens they protect, but that doesn’t mean that sometimes one or more officers might let the power go to their head and lead them to break the very laws they have sworn to protect. The truck driver in this video did his civic duty as a citizen by calling out an officer of the law that appears to think he is above the law. And for the record, “I was heading to headquarters…” or “I don’t recall being on my cellphone…” are both lines that same cop would NOT accept from a civilian had he pulled him/her over for the same offense.

    • Scott

      Officers are exempt BY LAW from hands free use laws in Illinois. But the only reason in Illinois, BY LAW, to blow a vehicle’s emergency/highway air horn is in EMMINATE danger of the vehicle containing such horn as to warn other drivers. As for the officer driving supposedly too fast for conditions while using his cell phone or not is moot as there is no such condition as to which ANY emergency vehicle can drive too fast.

      • Carley

        I began to write a lengthy reply to this post but decided instead to focus on the pertinent details…If the officer in this video felt confident in his actions he would have ticketed the truck driver for illegal use of his horn. He did not. As the saying goes, “that’s all she wrote…”.

      • CapedLitigator

        Scott, your understanding of the law is deplorable. I truly hope you are not a peace officer.

      • Rose

        Scott, if the emergency vehicle is GOING TO an emergency, then yes, he can go as fast as he needs to. But this guy wasn’t and even admitted that he was paying no attention to his speed. Officers should not be above the law in every day situations like this. I am so glad the trucker stuck to his guns on this one!!! Way to go!

      • Dian

        I am a former police officer… poor scott…WE ARE NOT, I REPEAT NOT ABOVE THE LAW. We can only travel emergency during an emergency!!! We are also REQUIRED to only proceed through an intersection EVEN DURING AN EMERGENCY RUN…with EXTREME CAUTION!!!!

  • Karen

    If the state police are being dangerous on the roads, I’m sure glad this trucker was there to call him on it before someone got hurt or was killed.

  • NotAboveTheLaw

    There are a lot of cops who think they are above the law and behave accordingly. Cop was such a good backstroke he should try out for the Olympics. Kudos to the truck driver.

    • Jeremy

      the video at the end is reversed, the state on his patch is backwards, not sure why he reversed the image on the last part of the video unless he aimed it at a mirror. maybe it was set up or at least edited for time and the editor program reversed it accidentally, no way to really know one way or another

  • jonny

    Always write truckers like that a ticket, that is the lesson learned. I hope that truck driver enjoyes prision he’ll be there soon. He must not know its a felony in IL to video record someone without consent. Thank you for putting the evidence against yourself on you tube.

  • John P. Kelly

    I had a state trooper pull me over and lie about it. He said he clocked me by pacing me for a mile and a half and I knew this was impossible. Needless to say, I was POed about it and made it my mission to catch him in his own lie. I did a FOIA to get a copy of his dash cam proving he was lying. After weeks of stonewalling, I final spoke with a top official at the ISP and told him if I didn’t get the dash cam video I would get both my attorney and the local news media involved. I was ready to present it court to catch him, but once judge got word that I had I laptop and wanted to present video evidence, my case was the last one called after the courtroom was empty and he dismissed my case before I could present the evidence and get it into the record. I know there are a lot of good cops, but there are also a LOT of bad ones.

  • John Sheridan

    Unfortunately, the Trooper wimped out. In Illinois the Police may use cell phones for work related Iissues such as speaking with radio about sensitive or Officer safety issues. Extended talk on radio interferes with other Officers. This Trooper should have written the driver the appropriate ticket. Most judges would have sided with the Trooper.

  • Diana

    I’m so sick and tired of all the police bashing. There are bad people in all professions. I can go on and on about the truck drivers that have killed innocent people including children. Who are the 1st to get to the scene of the accident? You guessed it right the Police. So if your ever in an accident or having a heart attack call 911 and the police will be there 1st.

  • Juan

    Hi I am a truck driver I been driving for 14 years and yea I get stop for no reason sometimes state troopers are such a ignorant and unrespectfull but guess what you can’t say anithing because they will give you a ticket we all the truck driver should go on strike and all the people will see how the difference on prices and how we move the USA markething pls don’t be ignorants

  • America

    How did he change his tone? He was professional before and after he knew he was being recorded. Loser said Troopers phone was in his right hand. Was probably his radio which is on his right shoulder that was in his hand! Guess who’s gonna be calling in on trucks from now on!! This dude just made it really bad for all truckers out there!! Fool!!

  • William thompson

    Let me say I am a truckdriver. I have driven professionally for over 15 years. Its funny we dont see footage of the trooper speeding. Or him on cellphone if the trooper pulled him over he was using his airhorn. Which is only used in extreme emergencies. If the roads were wet a professional driver wouldnt have used airhorn for fear of startling the trooper. You people condemn the trooper until a trucker like myself is driving and lays on his airhorn. Then when your startled. Its a different story. If the trooper who handled himself professionally I might add. Really wanted to be a jerk to the driver, who by the way was yelling at the trooper, Wanted to be a jerk he could have detained his truck for complete inspection, thoroughly read his logbook to make sure it was right up to date. Weighed this all takes alot of time and cuts back on travel time. So the driver was in the wrong those of you have never driven a rig shouldnt be commenting that the truckdriver is a hero. He’s not he violations as the trooper had said would have hurt his liscense which the truckdriver probably thats wby he started recording. He is not a hero.

  • Neyon

    The truck driver was right; no one should be above the law. If the cop needs to speed up to get to any emergency he should use the sirens/flashing lights. In Illinois you can’t use the cell phone unless you use a hands free device like Bluetooth. In the video you can see how the cop was looking for any small opportunity to get back to the truck driver he even inspect the truck to have an excuse to write a ticket. After he did not find one he change his story about not recalling how fast he was driving and not remember using his cell phone.
    Well done Truck driver you have big balls, you are the man.

  • Kristopher Sullivan

    The cop was not nice based on a camera in the car. He was nice based on the fact the guy had another ticket on file. Truck drivers can be fired quickly for being pulled over. As for the cop speeding and talking on his phone. I believe they are exempt from the hands free law. He shouldn’t have been speeding but this was just an asshole thing to do for a truck driver. If I see a cop breaking the law I’ll keep driving. I want know part unless it’s immediate danger to society.