“You shot my best friend” Watch Now: man confronts police after cop killed his dog

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Sean Kendall, of Salt Lake City, returns home and films his confrontation with officers after learning they shot and killed his dog.

“What was the probable cause to trespass on private property and kill my dog?,” Kendall asks in the video.

“We were looking for a lost child,” one of the officers replies, later adding, “He entered the yard looking for a lost child. He was threatened by the dog and shot the dog. That’s as simple as it gets.”

Kendall goes onto say they will be hearing from his attorney.

Watch the heart-wrenching video here.

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  • Karen Gramza

    This is ridiculous, the police enter a gated yard like some kid can open a gate?????? Where are this missing kid’s parents???? How do you justify going into a private residence & shoot an animal on his own property???? You can’t!!!!! This officer should be charged with felony animal abuse & lose their job, go to jail, & rot, you need smarter people in this position, people who can back out of a yard that they have no right to be in to begin with, you people make me sick! The kid was probably at home anyway, but shitty parents aren’t an option apparently!!! This has to stop, Every state needs to go the way of Indiana, you can shoot cops on your property there, YEAH INDIANA!!!!!

  • Edith T

    Very sad situation. I just don’t see how the police will be able to justify the killing of this dog on private property. It is clear that the owner was cutios in having a fenced in yard that was high enugh so that this animal could not be a threat to the neighborhood and still the dog gets killed. I’m sure he was doing what he was supposed to do… hich is protect his propwrt. I will be angry (but not surprised) if this officer doen not recieve some sort of punishment. This was totally uncalled for.

  • Brenda bratsberg

    Cops now days are worse than the criminals they think they are pursuing. They also think they are gods and that they are above the laws they are supposed to uphold. I hope this guy sues the piss out of the cop that shot his loved pet . And turns around and sues Salt Lake for hiring that cop . I’m also surprised that this guy didn’t go to jail too.for telling these cops off.and why didn’t the bad cop stick around for this guy, and explain to him why he shot the dog.

  • Lisa Mallie

    This is so WRONG in so many ways. Did this cop have a warrent to search this private property?! Probably NOT!!!! some police officers think they can get away with anything. I am so sorry that he lost his furry child to the incompetency & stupidity of this officer. Even if he sues & wins it DOES NOT bring his furry child back!!!!! Stupidity can be painful & this cop in this case is the STUPID one!!!!!! There were so many different ways that this could of & should of went. This so called officer that is sworn to protect & serve did the wrong thing. He entered a yard WITHOUT permission of the owner & then MURDERED his BELOVED FURRY!!!!!! When will cops learn that they ARE NOT GOD & THEY CAN PICK AN CHOOSE TO KILL ANYONE & EVERYTHING THEY SEE FIT?????!!!!!! I was driving down the highway the other day & a state trooper passed me, then he picked up a great amount of speed. His lights & sirens WEREN’T ON he just thought he could speed because of who he was. BUZZ WRONG ANSWER!!!!! I am so so very sorry for the loss of ur baby. Bring those cops down with everything u’ve got. Cut them down to their knees, make them sweat & weep like the cowards they are. Thankfully there are good cops out their. This cop SHOULD BE FIRED & RECIEVE NO PENSION!!!!!!!!!

  • wayne

    I would acquit the man for shooting and killing the cop as the home owner felt threatened by the intruder who entered the property without a valid warrant and was armed and dangerous. So sad the cop survived and the dog didn’t since the homeowner would have been justified in self-defense.

  • Justin

    I hope someone finds this cops an puts a bullets through his best friends skull then beats the cop to death brutally in front of his family, Cops are not military they need to stop acting like it, if a protected citizen which all cops are entered my residence and harmed me or my family is any way regardless of what they were looking for he would be dismembered and left to rot in an alley. we need to sift through the united states police force and cut it down by atleast half and only keep the cops who truly feel the weight of the Justice they are sworn to uphold