School bullying leads to lawsuit in Mount Prospect

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A mother filed a lawsuit after her son was bullied throughout the school year.

In the lawsuit, Deveri Del Core claims her son, a third grader at Frost Elementary in Mount Prospect, was attacked on a weekly basis by another third grader.

Del Core says her son was punched, choked, kicked, and spat on by another third grader in a different class.

She’s now suing that boy’s family, the school principal, and Community Consolidated School District 21.\

The lawsuit lists 12 incidents, including four that were reported to police.
No legal action was taken.

“The resolution on all of the cases were that the school was going to handle it or (by) the parents speaking with each other. The parent who called each and every time was looking for documentation only,” said Mount Prospect Police Officer Greg Sill.

The lawsuit claims the accused bully’s parents failed to discipline their child to stop the behavior or remove him from the school.

The parents of the accused bully have not commented.

The school district released a statement that said, “As a district, and at each of our schools, we value the safety and security of each and every one of our students and staff members and take bullying prevention very seriously. We work diligently to provide a healthy, productive environment for all of our students to learn and grow.”

Del Core seeks more than $50,000 in damages and a trial by jury.

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  • Michelle Goudge

    you know you want the parents to be responcable in one breath but in another parents hands are tied to disapline ..Hold the one who made the laws that you can not disapline your children..lets not forget if you give your child a slap you could go to jail my friend did ..and her child was bulling and she tried to correct it..Let start holding the higher up responcable …

  • Anne

    Schools can only do so much. Corporal punishment is no longer allowed. Stickers for good behavior and missed recess for bad behavior really doesn’t correct the bad behavior of some students. Schools can suspended or expell students but then they will lose much needed funding from the government. (Schools are rated on how many are suspended, expelled, etc.) Teachers can contact parents about behavior issues over and over but it doesn’t mean that they will listen, respond, or even care. It is time to make parents take back their role of parent and start doing some “parenting”.

  • Gail

    Ladies on the show agree but Todd seems to defend them!
    He has 3 boys are they bullies? Commenting that.maybe the kid was good at home just a bully at school. Really? As a teacher , the school ad min often ignore the issue,as some of them are also bullies to their staff too and teacher the same,More parents need to hold them and the bully’ parent liable.

  • Deborah

    It’s the damn if you do damn if you don’t. If the child isn’t liable nor is the family ,then who ? The school?? Parents start being more responsible for the actions of your child, because the school can’t. They are bound by the district.When I grew up back a long time ago sure things were different. Not now!!

  • Diane

    “When I grew up back a long time ago sure things were different. Not now!!
    Kindly directed at Deborah! When I was a student , prayer was allowed in public schools and Christmas songs dominated in the winter concert. Say what you want but when we had prayer we had a more conscientious classroom. Kids were just kinder to each other.