Real estate company lists 10 most boring communities in Illinois

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Real estate company Movoto recently released a list of the 10 most boring communities in Illinois.

It’s based on nightlife, live music, active life, fast food, and young residents.

Coming in at No. 1 is New Lenox.

Movoto says New Lenox is not the place to find thrills, citing an older population and very few nightlife options.

Here’s the top 10 list:

1. Village of New Lenox
2. City of Rolling Meadows
3. Calumet City
4. Village of Lake in the Hills
5. Village of Huntley
6. Village of Bolingbrook (tie)
6. Village of Hanover Park (tie)
8. Village of Oswego
9. Village of Vernon Hills
10. Village of Streamwood

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      • MrCrabs

        That’s right Chicago is so much more “fun”. Gangs, drugs, shootings (more in a week than in Afghanistan), hit & runs, child neglect, drownings, assaults, robberies, useless stop-the-violence marches,…the fun never stops. Meanwhile, back in the 10 named communities families are bored with school athletics, church activities, Scouting, volunteering to held people in need, maintaining their homes…the boredom never stops.

  • Matt L.

    Normally, I expect the Chicagoland bias of ignoring the 5+ hours of IL that is south of it. But for a boring town list?! Really?! Obviously this real estate company has no business or has never traveled very far south of I-80 (I get it), but the thought is just laughable.

  • Lou S.

    I live in Holly, MI, and my buddy, Keith lives in Wayne, MI, both outside of Detroit. We decided to take a trip out to Huntley, after discussing it for a few years. Although it is a bedroom community that once was a quaint farm town, I found it to be poised for growth, with anticipation of further suburban sprawl. We visited the town square, the Gazebo, and Parkside Grill right in downtown. There is a saying: life is what you make it; it can be as entertaining or boring as you want it to be. (Oh, we also visited Sun City, the Del Webb Mega community). In closing, there is a reason this town ballooned from 6000 to over 22,000 residents in just over a decade and a half.

    • Laura Parker

      Lou – I’m from Holly. I’ll be up there from Lansing – Illinois, that is – this weekend. The list is silly and incomplete. Lansing, IL has some classic car nights during the summer.

  • Frances

    Sounds to me that these communities all have one thing in common a low crime rate congratulations to those residents, Frances

  • Sue

    Grew up in Calumet City in the 70’s, a lot going on back then, but it’s totally changed. I wouldn’t recommend hanging out there.

  • Jon

    Problems with this list:
    1. Stays in Chicagoland and forgets the rest of Illinois, which is the part that’s actually boring.
    2. Bolingbrook and New Lenox have things to do. Better alternatives would’ve been Homer Glen and Manhattan, places that really have nothing to do.

    • Jake

      Homer glen doesn’t want night life. Our motto is open spaces rural places. We don’t want anything but quiet, clean and crime free. We don’t even have a police department. Most people can’t afford to live here. Our homes are set up as night life spots.

      • Meganomics

        Most people can’t afford to live in Homer Glen? Who are you kidding, you think you are living in the Hamptons or something?

      • Jon

        Homer Glen is a boring sty that’s more expensive than it deserves to be and filled with the worse kind of people. I miss my old home and yard but nothing else.

      • Jon

        Furthermore, not having a police station is not a good thing. We were almost broken into while we lived in Homer and it took the sheriffs a half hour to get to us. The only reason the assailants didn’t get inside was because we made threats with a gun we didn’t have.

    • Herself

      Agreed – I live in Manhattan and I can tell you, except for Irish Fest in March, there is literally nothing to do there (and I happen to like it that way)

    • marion cook

      I live in Bolingbrook and im so confused…theirs nothing but night life and restaurants and all the above here! weird

  • Rosemary

    I live in Bloomingdale and I really like it here, but it certainly is a boring town. It doesn’t even have a downtown area like Glen Ellyn or Elmhurst or Wheaton. Strip malls and a shopping center. How boring is that? I bloom where I’m planted!

  • audsquad

    Grew up right outside of Vernon Hills. It’s not the most exciting place but it’s got lots of restaurants, a nice mall, lots of shopping, movie theaters, whirly ball, parks, etc. Definitely a nice place to raise a family.

  • Laura

    What a bull-poop article. Not a single one of those is south of i80. I spent two months in Pittsfield. I promise you it was way more boring. What about Baylis, IL population around 200? It should say Most Boring Communities of CHICAGOLAND.

    • Susan

      @ Laura — I grew up in the Pittsfield area. I love the area and love going back — for visits. It can be boring because the people can be very clique-ish unless you’re SOMEBODY — have money, influence, etc. Unless you like to hang out at one of the few bars every night there isn’t much to do. Baylis, New Hartford, Summer Hill, etc etc are even worse.

  • neonned

    Omg it’s hilarious that it took calumet city this long to be in THIS LIST!! if uve been around long enough to understand I know real residence r thrilled!! Go read ur history books hahaha

    • Antoinette

      I am wondering who voted for this list?Yorkville closes down by 9pm for food on a weekday (except fast food) – I would think Oswego (our neighbor) is more exciting!

  • Brian

    There nothing to do in Hanover Park for kids to do because of the inter-city gangs moved form Chicago to our peaceful community and No Nightlife at all but dive bars

  • mark p

    How is Wheaton not on this list? I think the avg age is 80, they still have “Lounges” and the town is basically dry. Most excitement going on is the local pancake house.

    • Brian

      Wheaton is anything but dry. The town was dry until 1989. Plenty of restaurants serve alcohol and Wheaton even has an ale fest. However, the scene is pretty lame.

  • chrissy

    Yup, so nice to know my town is #1!!! But whatever I’m not here to party anymore! My special needs son is in a great school, in fact one of the best!!!

  • Maribel

    I have lived in bolingbrook for 11 years, I love it
    I rather live in a boring city, than live in Chicago that have a very high crime rate. I would be scared to walk without getting shot

  • Jen

    I kinda like Rolling Meadows. Have made my home here for 17 years. We are raising our son here. So the hell what if it’s a little boring.! We have a safe town (the police blotter mentions lots of stray animals and suspicious cars reported to 911) and we enjoy being together, making fires in the firepit, jumping on our trampoline, and playing with our animals. It’s a little like Mayberry for me….

    • Orbit

      I also live in Rolling Meadows, I like it here. I live here for 9 years. Lot of places to go within 15 mins. 5 minutes to the big mall, and ton of places for kids, lot of restaurants. Lot of things I need are closed by. I’m wondering who’s make up this list

      • MrCrabs

        I lived there for 15 years. It was near everything: entertainment, sports, trains, interstates, etc. Our kids went to a fantastic pre-school for kids with special needs. We outgrew our home and moved further out to an even better place to live.

      • snikker17

        I tend to agree that places like Rolling Meadows shouldn’t be on a list like this. Sure it has a lot of business properties and a smaller residential footprint than most, but its right next to Schaumburg which is loaded with places for fun/entertainment. I certainty wouldn’t call it boring. More like peacefull. And I don’t even live there.

  • Eisenhower

    First, I’d like to know why every single one of these is a Chicago suburb? I grew up in central Illinois and I can tell you first hand, there are plenty of boring towns there that can top this list. Second, Calumet City? The home of The Blues Brothers? I think not!