Parents, students rally to save Chicago’s Dyett High School

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A group of students and parents at Chicago’s Walter H. Dyett High School has begun a three-day protest over the future of the South Side school.

The group began setting up a tent city outside the office of Ald. Will Burns (4th Ward) early Wednesday morning, but were stopped by police.

The tents were taken down and replaced with signs and chairs.

The protesters plan to sit in front of Ald. Burns’ office at 435 East 35th Street for the next three days to try to convince him to have a public hearing on a proposal they have come up with to revitalize Dyett High School.

Ald. Burns agrees that a public hearing is needed on this issue, but he does not agree with their proposal for Dyett.

The proposal by community activists calls for reopening the school with a focus on green technology and global leadership.

Ald. Burns says he agrees with 90 percent of what the protesters want, but he feels the organizers did not gather enough input from the broader community.

Dyett sits in Burns’ ward and is scheduled to be closed after the 2014-2015 school year.

The protesters say Burns has done nothing to help save the school and accuse him of ignoring the needs of neighborhood children.

The Chicago Board of Education voted to phase out Dyett back in 2012 due to poor academic performance — a decision that Ald. Burns says he opposed.  That would leave the Bronzeville community with no open-enrollment neighborhood school.

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  • yaseinoyume

    I see that little of the blame is going towards to children in the actual school. Those “children” in there need to make efforts, and most of them do not! Majority of the students in that school don’t even come to school to learn, they go to hang out with their friends, ditch class, and throw up gang signs all day (I can give you plenty of YouTube videos from students of Dyett to prove that). The teachers do their job there, and most of the students do not cooperate! And don’t try to say my opinion is invalid because I went to that School for two years my freshman and sophomore years (2009-2011). Can’t you see? The overall problem ARE the students. Some of those students have stolen teachers’ car keys, stolen calculators, and let’s not forget the time when Rise-Up held a really at Dyett and some students stole the mascot’s iPhone and his money. In order for the school board to work with Dyett, THE STUDENTS NEED TO MADE A DAMN EFFORT.

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