Boy electrocuted at south suburban rail yard

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A boy was electrocuted Sunday after jumping on top of a parked Metra train.

It happened about 7 p.m. in south suburban University Park near 233rd and Governor’s highway .

Metra officials say a couple of kids went into a rail yard and one was electrocuted after jumping on top of the electric train. The train he jumped on was not occupied.

Transit agency suspended services after the incident for a couple of hours, but the train is back up and running this morning.

Authorities are investigating the incident. They have not released the boy’s age or identity.

An autopsy is scheduled for later Monday.





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  • cutting costs deadly results

    This could’ve happen to anybody first off. When your a kid growing up in Chicago, your always looking for something to do. Thats when on the off chance this happens. Very sad.

  • Eve

    I am an adult and honestly had no idea the top of a metra train can kill you with electricity! Are there any warning labels on top of the train cars? There should be. Very sad.

      • Eve

        The narcissism of people never fails to amaze me… If it was your own child I'm positive you would appreciate a "Danger High Voltage" sticker at the top of the trains and calling me a "Fool" for caring about someone's well being is a reflection on your own rotten personality. Yuck.

      • ghia

        And how many languages should the "sticker" be in? Foolish to think this would have stopped anyone.

      • RJMac

        Eve- I take it the NO TRESPASSING signs weren't a hint. Are you telling me it's OK to climb on top of railcars? Does the word TRESPASSING make any sense to you? Does ANYTHING make sense to you? I taught my kids not to use railroad yards as personal playgrounds. Or does teaching children responsible behavior mean anything? SO yes, you're a fool.

    • myles yancy

      He Could Read, He Graduated From Shoop Academy Elementary School,I Still Go There Till This Day,I Remember When I Used To See Him Do What He Did Best, Involving Good Grades And Good Behavior,Although He Sometimes Got Bullied… But At The End Of The Day Don’t Judge Nobody You Don’t Even Know…Im A 7th Grader Telling You Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover…. Think About That Shid….Especially When You Don’t Know Them #realtalk

  • John Edwards

    Sometimes I read the comments before I post and I mean all of them. All of you think about this 1 fact a child is dead, life cut off, no future because of a child mistake! And then you have the nerve to get on here and insult parents and a child’s intelligence…wow! And I bet 100% your kids don’t have Straight As or haven’t won a spelling or reading contest…just my guess! Let’s just try to share some love to the child’s family, I know it’s tough to be mature or caring but I know it’s in us all, just wait until tragedy knocks at our door! Think about it then pray about it