Grilling incident almost kills woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A barbeque sent a Puyallup, Washington, woman to the hospital, but it wasn’t the food that was the problem.

After Tammy Johnson had a day of severe abdominal pain, hospital doctors discovered that a tiny wire from a brush used to clean the grill had punctured her intestine. She underwent emergency surgery, but her intestines later shut down after an infection and she almost died.

“It’s been very scary,” Johnson told KCPQ. “Something like this happens and you think I just want to see tomorrow.”

Johnson is still in quarantine after two weeks since she swallowed the wire.

This was not a freak accident; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned the public about this risk in 2012 after six similar cases in a one-year period at a single hospital.

“The severity of injury ranged from puncture of the soft tissues of the neck, causing severe pain on swallowing, to perforation of the gastrointestinal tract requiring emergency surgery,” according to the CDC report.

The CDC advised grillers to clean their grills another way or to carefully examine the grilling surface before cooking.

Read more from the original story at KCPQ.

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    • Larry

      First of all they were not using a grill brush. They used a cheap wire brush that should not be used as they used it. Grill brushes are made to clean grills and are safer to use than any cheap wire brush bought at a hardware store.

      As for wiping the grill after brushing, your comment doesn’t make sense. You should brush the grill after it’s been hot for 10 minutes so they leftover stuff gets hard and easy to remove, that’s all. Who in their right mind is gonna wipe a grill off when you can’t even keep you’re hand over the coals?

      This is just another case of the media making a big deal about nothing, but didn’t say that the wrong brush was used to clean a grill. Why didn’t they mention that and maybe teach people how to do it right.

  • noneya

    This was, I believe on that show monsters inside me. It really hurt a young child from what I remember. These brushes should be illegal knowing the dangers that can happen with them.

  • Lamont

    Sorry to here that about anyone that went through that and yes they should ban the grill brushes and come up with a better solution how to clean your grill, it seem like nothing is safe theses days, so to the nation becareful what we do and watch your surrounding a littlebit more. All about safety.

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