Mayor Emanuel, Donald Trump butt heads over ‘Trump Tower’ sign

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Donald Trump and Mayor Rahm Emanuel are butting heads over a big sign on the city’s second tallest building, the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

The mayor says it’s tacky and tasteless and it’s a blight on the city’s skyline. Trump insists people will grow to love it, just as they did with the Hollywood sign.

Emanuel says he’s looking into what they city can do to get it taken down.

Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin tells WGN the Trump sign could  set a dangerous precedent for other building owners to put massive signs up along Chicago’s river walk — a favorite public works project of Mayor Emanuel that he is now extending all the way from State Street to Lake Street.

Zoning administrators and 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly signed off on the sign.   It is within the realm of possibility that Trump could take the city to court — and city lawyers could find themselves in front of a judge, explaining how they approved the sign but now want it removed.

Trump fueled the feud further Thursday when he tweeted “I bought the site, the Sun Times had the biggest, ugliest sign Chicago has ever seen. Mine is magnificent and popular.”

Another tweet stated: “Dopey @chicagotribune critic fails to mention the ugly Sun Times sign.”


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  • Typical

    The mayor a sky high crime rate, now has a sky high property tax increase a done deal coming soon to a Chicago resident mear you soon.
    Oh I forgot with all these sky high statistics that he has one statistic that is rock bottom in the basement,
    his votes of people who want him relected.
    So instead of managing he is not happy with somebody that built a high rise and pumps money into his city.

  • christee

    The sign is tacky, I love the Trump building but when i saw the sign from LSD it bummed me out because it takes away from the whole view.

  • marj413

    Well Mr. Mayor, I would say that south Chicago and all the thug violence is the real blight on your city, go fix that and stop worrying about someone who is creating jobs and paying tons of taxes to your town.

  • Arubatom

    Have to agree with the other comments regarding the large amount of other important things that need his attention….besides gang graffiti….hey mayor..what about "those signs"? Shootings, rising taxes due to waste, the city that doesn't work…he's worried about a sign on a building!! What a dunce!!!