Police: Chief Keef’s Cicero concert canceled amid security concerned

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chief Keef’s concert scheduled to take place Saturday at the Olympic Theater in Cicero has been canceled amid security concerns.

Cicero Police Supt. Bernard Harrison tells the Chicago Tribune that it was canceled because authorities fear Chief Keef’s presence could cause chaos and violence.

“We have indications from intelligence sources that there were going to be problems and there have been many problems at his concerts in other places,” Harrison told the Tribune Wednesday morning.

In recent days, there have been a flurry of rumors on social media that the rapper or his entourage may be the target of violence.

Harrison said he planned to secure a written letter from the owner ensuring the concert would not take place in the western suburb.

In any event, he told the Tribune that police department preparing extra security for that evening.

Chief Keef, who’s real name is Keith Cozart, has also been personally impacted by violence, most recently in April when his cousin and fellow recording artist Big Glo Hess was shot and killed.

Chicago Tribune reporter Lolly Bowean contributed to this report.



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  • Lisa

    Why is this slow,ignorant thug even having a concert…..all he does is mumble and say the same thing over and over again….and this is what our black youth like sad sad sad!!!!


    Lisa, please stop taking ownership to these free kin losers. Look at it in terns of class, low call, middle, working, and upper. F the losers


    Why are we mentioning him in the news anyways? Look at him, drug addict, thug, probably a school drop-out. The more we put people like this in the public's eye, the more popular they get. And do we really want people like this to be recognized? So-Called music showing thugs, drugs and weapons. These are reasons kids are so messed up. Ignore these wastes of life and they will just fade away. You want to start fixing up things, it needs to start with the simple things like this!