CPD sued over alleged cell phone snooping

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago police may have the power to snoop on your cell phone.

But one city resident says if it’s happening, it’s unconstitutional.

Chicagoan Freddy Martinez is suing to force the police department to reveal details about the alleged spying program.

Lawyers for Martinez say the department has bought equipment that allows police to secretly scan people’s cell phones for detecting phone numbers dialed and texted.

The technology also allows investigators to track a phone’s location and find a phone’s identification number.



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  • You had better have a warrant or suponea for that

    After reading this article. I agree with the man bringing suit if indeed it is happening. There are laws aganist unreasonable search and seisure.

    Don’t get me wrong if it is for National security imminent danger on a federal level than I agree if there is sufficient reason. But if this device is being used on a local municpal level, for anything that doesn’t involve an immediate threat I think the FBI should be looking into this.

    • diane

      While I also consider myself a student of the Constitution, I can see cause for " phone search" outside of national security…..But the police must present evidence before a judge and get a warrant. If someone is a KNOWN drug dealer , and is apprehended while practicing their trade, a judge could allow some snooping for evidence of distribution. Same for child pornography. But only evidence related to the actual warrant can be used. If the warrant says kiddie porn and drug use if found on the cell phone. The detail of drugs can not be used in court as evidence.